Saving Pictures from an LG Android Smartphone to an SD Card

Do you need to make sure you’re Pictures, Videos, Music, and Media Files on your LG Android smartphone are all saved to your memory card? This article will assist you in making sure all of your information is backed up to your memory card and not simply saved onto the LG smartphone itself.

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An up to date, step-by-step tutorial, with pictures for this topic can be read at How to move pictures, videos and other media files to an SD card on an LG Android smartphone.

LG’s file management system is a LOT better now and while this article can still be a relevant resource I am officially marking this guide Out Of Date.

If your cell phone is an older model or you do not have a File Manager feature built into your LG smartphone then you can refer back to this article and look into downloading a File Manager application from the Google Play Store which will allow you to transfer and copy files from your LG to your SD card.

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Saving Pictures from an LG Android Smartphone to an SD Card

Supposedly there is a built in method to backup your media files and save them onto your memory card on an LG Android phone, but it’s not like the file management interface that is built into Samsung and Motorola Android smartphones. The LG application is called Polaris but I never really put much stock into it. Apparently you have to backup each picture one at a time which can be unpractical in many situations. Before we get into a more practical application that will make this process more seamless I suggest you make sure that you actually need to backup your pictures. If your pictures are getting saved to your memory card automatically then you don’t need to back them up. If you need help checking your media files then you can refer to this article on making sure your pictures are not already saved onto your SD Card.

Unmounting and or remove your SD card from the phone is often the easiest way to check. If your pictures are saved onto your memory card then when you remove it from the phone your pictures should disappear, easy as that. If however you unmount or remove your memory card and your information is still showing on the phone then whatever is still showing is stored on the phone and you’ll need to move it to your SD card.

If you find that some of your pictures or media are stored on the device and you need to move those files from your LG Android to a memory card the best tool to use is a File Manager application. Go to the app marketplace also known as the Play Store and do a search for “File Manager” it will show you a list of user friendly applications that will make transferring your media a lot more user friendly. I recommend you use the ASTRO File Manager its one of the best File Managers available, its free, and user friendly. If you would like to know more about using the app then you can read about saving your information from an Android Phone to a Memory Card using ASTRO File Manager.

The ASTRO File manager will permit you to view what is actually saved on your phone as opposed to the SD card and will allow you to move or copy whatever files you need from your phone onto your memory card.

Other Methods to Backup Information

If you just need to know how to move or transfer your media to an external memory card then ASTRO should adequately fulfill your needs. If however you’re looking for some extra security or additional ways to backup your media and device info then you can find a list of a few of the options available on my guide for fixing common android software problems just go over some of those methods and see if any of them suite your needs. If you’re not experiencing problems with your phone then you can stop at step 7 on that guide. You don’t have to do a reset if you don’t want to; either way, your phones information should be nice and secure and you won’t have to worry should you ever need to perform a factory data reset or better yet if your phone ever malfunctions or experiences any issues.