Second Most Important Tip I can Give you – Information Technology Career Tips

By | 15th July 2017
Second Most Important Tip I can Give you – Information Technology Career Tips

In my last video I gave you one of the most important tips that I could ever give… In this video I give you the second most important tip that I can give you.

This one is definitely one that will make sense to a lot of you as you go ahead and try this at some point. This is some life advice that will translate over to career and school advice that you should take into consideration.

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8 thoughts on “Second Most Important Tip I can Give you – Information Technology Career Tips

  1. raventhorX

    Unfortunately I don't have the luxury of a break. Took two semesters of net+ and even tried to keep up on some of my education and at this level I still wouldn't pass the comptia net+. Everything in my life relies on passing that. I wont get enough cash to be able to afford another voucher for a very long time either due to other debts I got myself into am and trying my hardest to get out of.

  2. Iceman93x

    Congrats Zack! Glad you and your family are doing good. Taking a break is a good thing and I've noticed it. I was frying myself out with college at the end of my last semester, getting really aggravated with everything and even performing poorly at my part time job. I made a decision to take one day a week to allow for a lazy day, where I wouldn't worry about anything. I'd just do whatever I wanted and relaxed. It helps a ton, it's definitely a suggestion for anyone watching.
    Also quick question, I talked to my schools administration secretary and overheard their IT department was behind and slow to get to work on then vast amount of problems we had. I told her i may volunteer to help next summer after I take my first actual IT classes. She told me to maybe apply for the work study program since I'm riding through college on financial aid. Would working for the schools IT department on a work study look good or should I volunteer? If i do work study, i get paid part time for it, but to me that seems kind of greedy.

  3. Jake's Game&Tech.TV

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family, and as always thank you for the great advice and your hard work! 🙂

  4. Derek Holloway

    thanks study for Network+ need it a break. Congratulations on kid. Don't burn yourself out enjoy videos


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