20 thoughts on “SEO Ultimate WordPress Plugin Tutorial

  1. beatris iversen

    Awesome video, no matter how long. Its always the best to watch a whole video of how a plugin is working. This way it is easier to understand which components work together an a blog. Thank you 🙂

  2. الجني الاخضر

    Beautiful video! Thank you so much for your help bro. Wish you success and luck in everything you do. Kind regards and have a great day!

  3. Ben Ahmed

    I am bored to death! Could you please not make a 10 minute video outlining how to set up the essential parts of the plugin?

  4. ggsPaulggs

    This is good but just a suggestion, it would be better if the description had a 'Chapters' style list under the video with each of the headings covered and what a time code to take us there. Im sure lots of people like myself only needed to learn a few of these features but had to cypher through the video to find it.
    Great plugin though and helpful video.

  5. Allan Yacaman

    Hi Jeffrey, Has there been an update to this video, the 2016 Platform looks very different? Thanks.

  6. Charles Eberenz

    The Industry Standard for plugin design and presentation. Good work.

  7. AIM Global Website - P1,285

    Thanks for the great plugin! I really would like to use this over the Y SEO plugin but the only problem I have is that I really don't have a need for a description when I share my posts on Facebook so I don't put anything under Meta Description. Is there any way to disable that? Because Facebook keeps putting something else from a widget as my description on every post. I went to FB debugger and this is what i gave me: The 'og:description' property should be explicitly provided, even if a value can be inferred from other tags. Thanks again!

  8. AuthorsBroadCast

    Every plugin should be as well written as this and include a video tutorial even half as comprehensive as you have done. This is excellent and I will begin to make this plugin a standard feature on all of the WordPress sites I administer. Thank you. Great job!

  9. Larrys mlmtips

    I believe that you formulated an incredible video recording on this subject. Thanks for spreading!

  10. varun gupta

    Long and insightful video! 

    For some reason, SEO Ultimate is adding a url: "http://ogp.me/ns#" on each line of the og meta information.

    Example: <meta prefix="og: http://ogp.me/ns#" property="og:type" content="website" />

    Any idea as to why this is happening. Just moved from Yoast over to SEO Ultimate and came across this issue (guessing it is an issue?).

  11. AlkoSpace Inc

    does it conflict with any theme related build in seo modules already installed?

  12. Elazar Davydov

    Please explain where I can place Home Title:(Meta title for homepage) and Home Description: (Meta description for the homepage)? Thanks

  13. iDiscountSEO

    This is the only SEO plugin I use still to this day. Very Easy…..

  14. Jake Pranger

    I really like your video here. Ive been seeing this stuff around a lot. how long have you been in the business? nice job man

  15. Paul Rasmussen

    Bloody Hell Jeffrey, that was one amazing presentation. Thankyou for it. 


  16. M.E. Cheshier

    Amazing…Thank you for such a Fantastic plugin! And for the tutorial. You are a lifesaver. 🙂

  17. Christodoulos Tooulias

    How can i add this plugin to an NOT WordPress website. The website is in .php code. Any thoughts?

  18. Adrian M

    Oh that's a surprise and good news for me. I would love to give it a try if you please tell me how to sign in to your beta test. Great that you care about your product. I hope that you will offer a pro version in the future. Why? Because this is the best  guarantee for good support when a product makes money. And yes, I would spend mine for support. 

  19. Jeffrey Smith

    Adrian: we have update scheduled this week and will be making announcement shortly for Beta Testers before we push to WordPress. You are welcome to be a part of that Beta if you like.


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