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Sheik Tech Chasing Trick – CDK Tips #1

Sheik Tech Chasing Trick – CDK Tips #1
Written by techmanish

The first of a new video series ft. CDK! A quick and easy way to make tech chasing more simple and consistent.

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  • Is it possible? Well, you get 18 frames to react, but most CRTs have 3.5 frames to register an input. So that leaves 15.5 frames to react on average or .26 seconds. I personally cannot react that fast much more than 80% of the time even to the flash light.

  • Please do a video on Yoshi if you haven't already, he's a pretty unique character and I kind of want to know more about him.

  • can you pleaaasss do how to combo with marth. i feel like the main reason i lose is because i barely convert from ariels, grabs are soso but i definetly cant kill of them. pls halp

  • how can i practice melee alone when no one wants to play
    netplay isn't really an option because i always have terrible ping

  • yo, guys, I need some insights with shield DI. Like how do I avoid rolling, is it exactly equal to SDI? do I have to mash it in the shield stun? I lose some tech chase for it.

  • my base reaction time is 1 frame longer than what is necessary to see tech in place and grab……


    ……it sucks


    Obviously reads. Reaction tech chasing is boring as fuck. I'm not a bad player in my region (I'm in the top 3) and I have never done extensive reaction tech chasing as falcon. It's super gay, ruins the fun in the game.

  • I just stopped by to say great video bro! 😀
    Keep up the amazing work! 😀
    It would mean the wolrd to me if you could Check out my Channel! 😀
    I do videos with some TWITCH clips you will probably like.
    Come check it out and maybe leave a sub 😉
    Other than that Have a great day! Keep it up!! 😀 Maybe I will see you again! 🙂

  • I think the question "should u reaction tech chase, or read" is all up to the players style. I don't think one is necessarily better than the other, but reaction tech chase is more consistent than reads, but reads can have a bigger reward. It's risk vs reward, bugger risk, bigger reward, but less consistency.

  • Let me tell you why Sheik is 9th on the PAL tier list. In today’s game, where people primarily play reaction based, rarily make technical mistakes, punish the smallest mistakes as hard as their characters are technically capable and where people study characters to know the do’s and don’ts in every matchup, Sheik loses most of her effectiveness.

    She has nothing to offer against crouch cancels on reaction except grabs, but unlike in NTSC, those don’t set up combo or techchase opportunities nearly as well, if at all. Combine that with the fact that Sheik arguably has the least versatile, easily edgeguardable and worst recovery of the top characters and you get a character that simply doesn’t have the tools to deal with the current metagame at the highest levels.

  • I mean, if you can get reads 100% of the time correct, it's obviously better. But that's just inhuman, as is 100% tech chasing. So I mean, I think it comes down to what kind of playstyle you have or what you are comfortable with doing. Are you a more methodical and analytical kind of player? Favor tech chases. You more of a flashy and "in-the-zone" kind of player? Favor reads. I never think though that you should rule out the other, as there is a place for both.
    I mean, I'm far from an expert, but that is my 0.02.

  • Reaction tech chasing is possible but it's not 100%, there's something called "hicks law" which basically states that the more stimuli you add to the equation, the slower your reaction time will be. It's possible to reaction tech chase if the option they choose is the one you're expecting, since you are reducing the amount of stimuli to the equation by putting one option at the front of your mind.

    The trick to escaping a reaction tech chase is to mix up your DI, and techs and no techs, when on the defensive try using options which are uncommon but require very different punishes, such as DI away+Tech roll away (puts you near ledge), then DI in tech roll in (back to centre), then DI away no-tech, making use of conditioning is very important in these situations because it can mess up their reaction time

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