Snapchat Tricks and Secrets (2015)

By | 19th August 2017
Snapchat Tricks and Secrets (2015)

Snapchat Tricks and Secrets from new Snapchat lenses to the new Snapchat update – I’ve got you covered! Want to know how to add that rainbow filter to your snaps? In this Snapchat Tutorial, I’ll show you how to add music to your snaps, multiple filters, new lenses, how to upload photos to Snapchat and how to replay snaps multiple times without the sender knowing.

Snapchat Tutorial 2015:

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20 thoughts on “Snapchat Tricks and Secrets (2015)

  1. Onika's_Bkack BarbieMinaj

    Hey! 😊 can I ask you something ? Can you upload picks of like celebrities and put the Snap Chat filters on there face like the dog and stuff ? please let me know! thanks!

  2. TheCharlieTag

    Wanna a do a streak add me on snapchat @carlosmarquez comment your username so I can add you back

  3. Ruth Rodriguez

    My question was that how do you upload a photo/video from your Camera Roll to your story

  4. jag21979

    Great video! I'm new to Snapchat Instagram and some of the other social media apps, I just subscribed to your channel to learn more about them thank you so much!

  5. Hadees jhon

    are you a model cuz I'm a body builder we can make perfect couple just search in zyzz U MIRIN?

  6. Sarah Idk

    If you wanne make a screenshot of a snap and you don't wanne that, that person see it you gonne do your wifi out and your ✈️ on
    ( sorry my english is bad bc i'm from Holland

  7. Maddi_101

    💗Like this for good luck 💗Subscribe for good luck 💗forever

  8. Yoyoblingblings

    Is there a way of reviewing snaps with out having to pay cos it's kinda annoying cos I sometimes accidentally press it without knowing and then I can't reply cos I don't know what they have said


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