So You Want To Be A Blogger | Blogging Tips For Noobs: EP.1 Starting Off

By | 9th August 2017
So You Want To Be A Blogger | Blogging Tips For Noobs: EP.1 Starting Off

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I have been blogging for about a year now and I want to share my knowledge with you! Blogging is a simple topic but, many people quit early because they get lost or give up. During this episode of “So You Want To Be A Blogger” I will show you the basics to starting your own blog!

Step one: What are you going to blog about? There are so many things to choose from but, there is one main topic nobody will be interested in. You. I hate to tell you the truth but unless you are some super celebrity nobody will be interested in reading about your weekend, thats what Twitter and Facebook are for.

Some great topics are:

Tech (News, Rumors, Reviews, Tutorials) One of the few times people want your opinion on something.
Science (Experiments, Facts, News, Stories)
World News (Hardest topic because you must take info from some other website)
Art (Photoblog, Photos)
Graphic Design (Coding, Building a Blog, Photoshoping)
Fashion (Fashion Stuff) I don’t know anything about fashion 🙂
Music (New Songs For Your Band, Get Noticed)
Step Two: Choosing a blogging platform. In my opinion the best blogging platform in WordPress. The blog you are reading now is a WordPress blog! There are many other platforms though such as Blogger, Posterous, iWeb (the most annoying but, easiest way), and much more.

Step Three: Choosing a blog host (somewhere to store your files). The best place for your blog to be located, when starting out, is with the Platform’s website. For example (not .org) hosts thousands if not millions of blogs, that’s all they do. They do care if your blog is down and you will achieve optimum speed when using your Platform’s website to host your blog. This option is free but, your domain will be

Step Three Continued: Using a hosting website. Hosting your own blog can have its downsides. When your blog is down, they don’t care. As long they are getting traffic to their hosting, your blog will go back up when they get to it. There are free hosting websites out there, such as X10Hosting. X10Hosting is the company I used when first starting out. The only problem about a free host is that 1. you will not get a free domain name, 2. its free, this means hogging resources will cause your blog to be shut down. When I was using X10Hosting my blog was shut down several times and I was just able to download all my info before they shut me down for good. I had just posted something about the iPad coming to Verizon, it didn’t happen, but I got 1,500 hits instantly. As a result of hogging all the resources X10Hosting shut me down. The best way to avoid this is getting a paid host. Getting a paid host will not only give you more space, bandwith, and resource usage, it will most likely give you a free domain name (for about a year). The host that WordPress recommends is BlueHost. What ever you do DO NOT use iPage! Most likely the worst hosting I have ever experienced, my free X10Hosting is better than them!

Click Here to watch a video on how to install WordPress on X10Hosting.

Step Four: Domain Names. A domain name is your personal web address, such as A domain name can be purchased through, which is the most recommended, or you may be able to get a free domain when purchasing a host.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of “So You Want To Be A Blogger | Blogging Tips For Noobs”. Next time I will be going over Themes, Customization, Posts and more! If you would like to send me requests or comments regarding the show you can email me at or Tweeting me at @bllymcgvrn123.

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  1. Amanda Carls

    im having trouble with mamp, mysql server will not start, and the customer service for mamp sucks. any suggestions? other programs or any help would be great! thanks

  2. Monica Rodriguez

    Thanks for the pointers. But you started out by saying "Lifestyle" blogs are irrelevant. and That is totally not true! There are some very quality level lifestyle bloggers out there. Don't deter people from making that kind of blog if that's what their hearts are set on.

  3. CaptionGamerX

    You look like a red head version of the guy off chronicle 😀

  4. VideoSimple

    Lovely blue host page. I thought it was a blog, how strange -_-

  5. Caroline Bartholomew

    hey thanks for the video x heres my blog x would love to follow each others blogs x would be great to talk sometime as i have a few issues with my blog x

  6. Kate Kolesnikova

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  10. Fupii xx

    This was very useful..thank you so much.
    i just started my blog,which was about nothing in specific,just pure randomness
    check it out


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