So You Want To Be A Blogger | Blogging Tips For Noobs: EP.2 Customization, Pages, and Posts

By | 8th September 2017
So You Want To Be A Blogger | Blogging Tips For Noobs: EP.2 Customization, Pages, and Posts

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In this episode of “So You Want To Be A Blogger” I will be going over customization, posts and pages. The structure of all blogs is HTML, CSS, and PHP. Without any knowledge of any of these three topics you and your blog will certainly fail.

Main Points

Learn HTML, CSS, and PHP
Know the basics; how to fix your blog if it goes down, how fix page errors, how to style text etc.
Pick a theme
Picking a theme should relate to your blogging topic. The theme “Thesis” runs this blog. Thesis is the most customizable theme out there and can be used with any blogging topic. BUT to be able to customize this theme you must know how to code (HTML, CSS, and PHP).
Customize your blog, make it your own
Create your own header in Photoshop, add social buttons that link readers to your YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc. accounts. Make the blog yours!
Using Pages

Page examples (My Pages)
Allows my readers to receive an email whenever I post new content.
Allows my readers to get in touch with me. I receive troubleshooting emails, emails that ask my opinion on various subjects and complements.
I host multiple “Jailbreak” softwares on my blog. If you have a program you designed or you are an artist a downloads page is recommended.
Lists all posts ever published, by month, from newest to oldest.
Allows anyone to apply to become an author on my blog.
I work hard to help the people of the internet, it is nice when they give back.

Writing Posts

Posts don’t have to be incredibly long. Write enough to get your point across but not too much that your reader gets overwhelmed with content.
Your Opinion
Make sure your opinion is known. State what you think! Do you disagree/agree, do you like/dislike. During a review the reader wants to know!
Make it “pop”. Headlines should attract someone to your post. It works on newspapers, make it work on your blog!
Write With Passion!
Care about the topics you write. Don’t post “because you have to” post because you want to! When you write about stuff that you think is interesting the content is much better.
Bullet Points!
Have you noticed that this post is really easy to read? It’s because the bullet points make it much more organized!
Revise and Edit
Grammar mistakes are not allowed! Typos make posts sound sloppy and unofficial. Always re-read before hitting “Publish”!
Posts Should Be Easy To Scan
Allows the reader to find what they want, when they want. Use bullet points, bold font, and paragraph headers.
Be Consistent
You got your readers for a reason, they don’t want to see you and your blog change! (Besides design purposes)
Thats it! Now go post some good content! Git Git!

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  1. Jake Wilson

    I have a question for you , u said i need to know css html and php. now with that said, do you know any books that i could get from like the library to learn theses things. any info would be appreciated.

  2. tr7862002

    bluehost, how good is it? any new reviews on domain registration and hosting? i tried bluehost its 4th time and it still cannot search for my domain name on its page, gets stuck on 35 %???

  3. Bill Yogi McGovern

    @jurem12345 Nope, I liked CoD 3&4 and was really good at them both. My loved stopped there.

    P.S. I mentioned this on Twitter the other day 😉 😉


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