Social Media / Internet Hacks 2016!

By | 14th July 2017
Social Media / Internet Hacks 2016!

Hey guys,
Hope you enjoy the video. If you find any of these hacks helpful please let me know in the comments down below. Also leave some video requests down below. If you see this comment “Monkey” lol love you all xoxo,
Katie Betzing

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Kaleidoscope credit: Gabrielle Marie

20 thoughts on “Social Media / Internet Hacks 2016!

  1. Nessa Hernandez

    I am always looking for hacks. Thank you so much!👍😃

  2. OverwatchPeakFace4321

    Why whenever I search about social media girls pop up

  3. alex anaya

    my name is John Cena and your hot and I love you and I want to fuk you

  4. Aunt Jemima

    I know how to hack snapchat// Instagram//and Facebook accounts only $30 Kik me: 1candy_food1

  5. Olivia Clough

    who else kept doing the slow motion pause button thing throughout the rest of the video as soon as she showed us that hack? i did hahahaha

  6. Haley Alexandra

    lol girl the mute feature on twitter is the best thing twitter has ever created LOL.


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