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How To Post On Instagram From The Web?

According to a latest study by the Pew Research Internet Project, Instagram is now the fastest growing social network. Somehow Instagram has managed to find the right balance between social sharing, and social interaction. The result is a place that is growing in both capabilities and popularity, and drawing more and more non-conventional users to it. This makes… Read More »

How Snapchat Can Be Used To Grow Your Audience?

Snapchat is an exciting new social media platform through which people can send photos and short videos to each other. We recently talked about some of the ways you canmarket your brand on Snapchat. One problem for brands was, reaching out to their potential customers. Pulling contact numbers out of your marketing list was less than desirable. With… Read More »

How To Embed Twitter-Hosted Videos On Your Website?

Following along the same lines as Facebook, Twitter recently announced a video-hosting feature that lets you capture and upload videos using official Twitter apps without having to upload them first on a third-party service such as YouTube. This was indeed a welcome feature, and in sharp contrast to how Twitter had been predominantly text-based and monotonous in the… Read More »