Software That Will Speed Up Your Computer

By | 7th October 2016

As you know, you have to be very careful when downloading and using software that claims to scan for viruses, or claims to speed up your computer. They are almost always loaded with viruses, malware, and security holes that allow hackers to sneak into your systems.

In a time when fibre broadband is making Internet speed deliriously fast, we need computers that run at full capacity. The software listed here was clean at the time of writing, but that is no guarantee that it is clean today, so you need to remain on high alert if you are using them.

1 – Avanquest Fix It Utilities 11 Pro

The software has a very simple user interface, but it seems to purposefully baffle people in the name of looking good. For example, it claims that unperformed scans are problems, and if you go further than their one-click options, then things become even more purposefully complex. It promises to shuffle your memory around and optimise your Internet. It is good at making your computer “feel” as if it is faster, which is half of the battle. Their real-time optimiser is good for stopping your computer becoming sluggish as you use it.

2 – Glary Utilities

Glary is for non-business use if you want the free version, and it comes with a range of smaller tools you can use to tweak the speed of your computer. The memory optimiser is good, though it only rivals the Windows optimiser. Your best bet is to go through the tools they offer and try them to see which actually speed up your computer.

3 – iolo System Mechanic 10

They manage to give you all the information you need in the most intricate detail, which would sometimes be a bad thing if they were trying to baffle you on purpose, but iolo seems to spell things out very clearly. If it says you have a problem with your system, then it is not a marketing ploy to get your attention. It does a very good job of speeding up your system and has plenty of mini tools so that you may customise things a little better.

4 – Ccleaner

Its website claims it speeds up your computer, which it does, but not in the typical fashion you may imagine. For example, it doesn’t boost your boot speed. Instead, it clears the clutter so that your PC “may” go faster. The Piriform creators also seem to have created a completely clean program, including their free version; they don’t even try to install the usual free junk you normally get with free program installations.

5 – IObit Advanced System Care Free 3

IOBit’s AdvancedSystemCare Free 3 needs a little digging before you can work out what each section does and the tutorial isn’t very good either. It is happy to tell you that you have thousands of problems when in-fact most would consider it one problem lumped into a package. In other words, it likes to scare its users to justify its existence. It has a turbo-boost option, but it seems that their best features have been split off into different pay-for packages. Plus, beware of the sheer amount of garbage it tries to load on your system upon installation.

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