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Now You Can Use Apple’s Original Graphical OS In Free From 2018

Apple’s Original Graphical OS If you are using a MAC or Apple’s any PC and you are trying to use Apple’s original graphical interface on Lisa, the PC that provide MAC, you either using the emulator or using the expensive machines but now you can use all these in free as Apple announced its original Graphical OS will… Read More »

web hosting companies to start small business | best five |

BEST FIVE WEB HOSTING COMPANIES FOR SMALL BUSINESS Web hosting ,this may be in your mind.If you have a website which doesn’t mean that you are in a right way towards your goal and your website is sufficient enough to be good SEO ranking.   To make a good website you need to have a good web host… Read More »

Government launches free anti-virus for PC, mobile phones

The IT Ministry today launched botnet cleaning and anti-malware analysis centre for Rs 90 crore to provide free anti-virus to computers and mobile phones for removing malicious softwares. “I would like ISPs (Internet Service Provider) to encourage their consumers to come on board, there is a free service available. Come and use it in the event some malware… Read More »

Oracle 10g Installation Guide on Windows 7

Oracle 10g Installation tutorial depicts step by step installation of Oracle 10g on Windows 7, 64bit (10204_vista_w2k8_x64_production_db) operating system. Installation on Windows 7 will return a operating system version compatibility error. However, there will not be any such issue during installation on older version of Windows operating system. It is important to note that this installation method is… Read More »