Sony Xperia E GAMING REVIEW HD by Gadgets Portal

By | 23rd August 2017
Sony Xperia E GAMING REVIEW HD by Gadgets Portal

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GAMES PLAYED: Dead Trigger, Frontline Commando, Call of Mini Zombies, Temple Run II, Subway Surfers, Beach Buggy Blitz, Raging Thunder & TurboFly 3D

This is a gaming test on the new Sony Xperia E dual. Check the channel for the Unboxing & full reviews & Subscribe to keep in touch with Gadgets Portal

Sukesh Banik
Gadgets Portal India
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20 thoughts on “Sony Xperia E GAMING REVIEW HD by Gadgets Portal

  1. Jason Wrench

    that games i play and they are lagg on sony Xperia E and i have that phone and phone sucks

  2. mNz

    Really good review. All of these games work great! Thank You so much! I really appreiciate the way you've done the review. It also helped me, because I was really bored at school, I didn't know what to do in lessons, so I watched this gaming review, and voila! I would rate this video 7 out of 10! 🙂

  3. Petur Surbinski

    I have the same phone but its Sony Xperia E C1505 and why games laging to me 🙁

  4. TheDora

    i have xperia e and all of these games lags Gadgets Portal please tell me how to speed my mobile

  5. Saleh InFlames

    subway always has a little lags although i stopped many programs to make it faster

  6. marshlee d

    how doesnt your phone lag on game but mine does. if you have a app that doent lag on games plz tell me

  7. Joseph Joshi

    my phone hangs even when calling please help and moreover how to remove the built in apps for this device???

  8. Melania

    how much did the xperia dual cost am gettin the sony xperia z1 its way bettah than this lol sikk viddo more on xperias

  9. VirgoRiders

    Are you root this phone? Because i'm playing subway surfers and it's lagging on my device


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