SSB4 Rosalina Desync Trick (important tech?)

By | 21st July 2017
SSB4 Rosalina Desync Trick (important tech?)

Shoutouts to Dabuz for playing insanely good at Genesis!

Sry for some glitchy footage, I really need a new computer 🙁
Any questions? lmk below
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7 thoughts on “SSB4 Rosalina Desync Trick (important tech?)

  1. Harls Foster

    I don't really get the holding A and then Holding another Button when you already holding A… please say if what I'm saying is correct and also, PLEASE HELP ME!

  2. Mtails142

    luma can also attack if rosalina is a helpless state right? I've heard about that before

  3. Enchkoni CruDalia

    Wow that's cool dos u change ur controls for this if so can u tell me if this is possible for the Wiimote and nunchuck


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