T-mobiles new Samsung Highlight “Hands free review”

By | 10th October 2017

2010 new design for T-mobile called the Samsung Highlight. There will be more reviews on this channel please support this channel by subscribing and commenting this video.

Sorry for my Mistakes on this video by the way if you can notice them.

19 thoughts on “T-mobiles new Samsung Highlight “Hands free review”

  1. TumbleTyme757

    @thejizzer100 If you are concerned with I d go with the highlight, the biggest difference with those three are just the camera and the camera with the highlight isnt that bad

  2. TumbleTyme757

    @usgirl678 You can change the background, and you can buy it without internet

  3. TwistedBeautyyy

    @hotgurl8646 I had this problem too, and I think I am gonna get the blue because I might get tired of the orange

  4. subiebriggs

    dont get it from the t mobile store get it from walmart it is 18 dollars at walmart for a two year contract at the t mobile store it is 179 dollars with a two year contract too. I got mine today at walmart and i think you have to get the internet data package because when i got mine today at wall mart they made me get it.

  5. FantomLightning

    yes cuz its not unlimited texting its unlimited messaging so that means unlimited text picture video email and instant messaging through aim yim and live

  6. pilotwave

    if you get the data plan, does the gps come with it or is it extra? thank you.

  7. killclav

    if i had unlimited text for tmobile could i use aim on this phone without internet?

  8. FantomLightning

    there is no wifi you dont have 2 have a data plan with the phone but if u want 2 go online u will need it

  9. fdcsm

    how much is this phone as an upgrade and 2yr contract under a family plan???

  10. Dev0808

    dude thanks for the inside review. do u need a data plan on this or can u use wifi to log in? and can u download applications and games on this like the iphone?


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