Tabtor Math- The best companion for your children to study mathematics in an easy way

By | 10th October 2016

Maths is not an attractive subject for most of the children. If taught in the wrong way, it can be a nightmare to youngsters and that may lead them to lose all the interest in the subject.How can you teach maths in a proper way? I was not happy with the way my five-year-old daughter approached mathematics as a topic in her curriculum. She was least interested in doing her maths lessons and always tried to skip homework especially in maths.

Although I knew that the apathy towards maths is not a matter of concern for my daughter alone, I was worried about her approach towards her studies. I remember I had a similar situation when I was young until my father found out a personal tutor for me during those days when internet and mobile phone were part of fantasy stories.

While I was searching for a private tutor for my little daughter Stacey, I found out the Tabtor tablet tutoring system accidently.I dropped the idea of finding a private tutor and started to have a go at the two weeks free trial with Tabtor Math.When I started to use the Tabtor application for teaching maths, I found out that my daughter’s enthusiasm for studying maths has increased a lot in few days time.The outcome was really astonishing.



How does it work?

The app actually consists of a student interface through which assignments are submitted for feedback from an assigned tutor. All the students using the interface will be gone through a diagnostic test to analyse their skill level. Based on the skill level of each student, more assignments are sent to them. Once an assignment is submitted, they will get the feedback from their professional tutor. In other words, a student can do only one assignment at a time. While carrying out their tasks, the students have the option to ask help from their tutors through the interface. Rewards in the form of badges and gift card make the children try hard to excel in their studies. A weekly interaction with a tutor using Facetime call is also provided that let the parents know more about the progress of their children.



Why should you use Tabtor Math?

If someone teach mathematics in a proper way, it could be one of the easiest and interesting subject.Otherwise, it may give anyone the impression that it is one of the toughest subject  for following.The method of approach used in this application makes the subject feel enjoyable and easier even for those children who completely hate maths.

Even when you pay for an app for your children, remember that you are avoiding few disadvantages of sending your child to a traditional tuition centre. You are now free from the hassle of waiting for the public transport carrying big books and other accessories in your bag. Happy to say that the iPad replaces your pen and paper.

Do you have the time to take your children regularly to the tuition centre? Are you too busy with your work or business? When you have a hectic schedule to follow, it is not easy managing time to take your children to a tuition centre. Here comes the importance of applications like the Tabtor Math.

See what my little daughter Stacey has to say about Tabtor Math.


Do you have small children? Are they struggling with maths? Do they have difficulty in finding solutions for some of the arithmetical questions they are asked to solve? If your answer is ‘yes’ to the above questions, I suggest you to try this app as early as possible. You can do that now by visiting their site or from the app store.

If you download it from the above website, you have the option to use it for a two-week free trial.If you are not satisfied with the application, you can choose to discontinue using it. But I am quite sure that once you use it, you will definitely continue to use it by making the necessary but worthy payment.

From my personal experience, I request you to try the free two-week trial and see how it changes the attitude of your children for solving arithmetical problems. I hope it will never dissatisfy you in any way.



I would like to hear your  opinion on this app if you are currently using it. So please feel free to have your views in the comments column. Thank you for spending your precious time with Digital Dimensions.

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