20 thoughts on “Tech Deck Tutorials: Basic Street Tricks

  1. racoon killer 7

    I don't want to sound mess up to Tech Deck but can they please put rubber bushings on the actual Tech Deck itself and actually make the obstacles a little bigger than what they are because I have this jump rail stairway and the rail is too close to the little brick hubba wall

  2. Anthony Sileno

    i remember when theese came out me and my brother always played with them hes 15 now but i still play with tech decks except the wider board i even got the darkstar deck i put them together it was fun putting them together

  3. YellowMonkey

    I'd rather skate a actual skateboard just looking at these videos cuz I'm bored so no one say why are you looking at these videos then

  4. The Bamboo Crew

    Fuck, I use tech decks great, welcome to the gay world bitches

  5. Eoghan Dwane

    hit the tail and push your wrist in a direction and hope it doesn't get impaled in your hand

  6. catherine valdez

    tech deck tanks for you teaching me some ollie for begginers!


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