Tech News: Cacheless Machine Learning — 2016-11-22

By | 21st July 2017
Tech News: Cacheless Machine Learning — 2016-11-22

00:21 Corrections
02:18 Follow-up on why Cashless is bad/general banter
7:25 UK / Snoopers Charter
10:15 French Biometric Database
14:07 IRS is after Coinbase Users
18:27 Sweden is looking at Digital Currency
20:28 Deputy Zuckerburg, Champion of Ending Fake News
22:04 Obama also wants to take up that mantle
23:04 Pure Political Discourse is almost always not rational
25:33 Google wants in on the Fake News thing
27:00 Renewed Calls from NYC DA to reverse apple encryption
30:20 Twitter ending “Alt Right”/”hate speech” accounts
34:07 Follow us on twitter?

34:20 Machine Learning Mega Section (30 mins on ML!)
35:07 ML Conf SFTakeaways
36:44 Algorithms from ML Conf
38:40 DeepMind AI — Lipreading
41:50 AlphaGo interesting Go game analysis/breakdown
45:48 Looking at MarIO to understand limits of ML
47:00 — Starting to understand fitness algorithms and why ML conf dudes said “hybrid approach” is still king
49:00 — ML is a bit like the modern version of the mechanical Turk
52:45 — Happy thanks giving!!
53:22 — Thanksgiving is like The Hunger Games


Still experimenting with audio, lenses and prompter placement! 🙂

Audio: Good? Focus: A bit weak. But if you wanted focus you’d have gotten a ford right?

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20 thoughts on “Tech News: Cacheless Machine Learning — 2016-11-22

  1. Haze H

    Wait, you guys are usually quite smart, but you seriously believe the media was NOT supporting Trump? How much free TV air time did he get this election cycle? Has there ever been in the history of the US any other candidate who got so much free exposure? Who had the most bots on reddit? Who bought out the majority of "alternative" news sites?

    Trump had the most far-reaching media cartel at his disposition any candidate has ever had, and you actually believe that the media didnt support him?
    Come on.

  2. Sri_Tech

    no offense – WRT to ur Indian Comment, only cash withdrawal is Rs 2K Rs4.5k, internet translation between bank to bank is unlimited… all top leaders are not wolf. India has got a good lender after decades of corrupt Congress rule. All black money is due international lobby USA is also part of it (like Clinton foundation and Obama ).

  3. Redwan Hasan

    With that intro I fear you guys gonna get shut down real soon! If you have to live under Orange's roof you have to go by Orange's rule.

  4. li dao

    Could someone tell me which notebook Wendell is using? I thought there
    was a video with a review of his current notebook, but didn't find it.

  5. X A

    Some of the lines that you find are blurry when it comes to free speech aren't necessarily that problematic to regulate. Many countries have drawn the line on free speech specifically on hate-speech and they don't abuse it in the sense that the line doesn't keep getting pushed forward but rather can stay within bounds.Twitter acting on white supremacists can be an initiative that results in free speech being put into question, or it can be a response to certain events throughout history that we have learned should never be repeated, like the Holocaust.

  6. tamarockstar45

    Not Wendell's voice is clipping. You guys are clearly libertarian. I align more with the green party. Can you address your opinion on the role of third parties going forward?

  7. TheEightBitLink

    New shirt: Go out into the woods and use sign language

  8. jlrockafella

    I really enjoyed watching these two neck beards. This is definitely better than The Tek, keep up the fake news theme & hard work.

  9. Francis K.

    I accessed the dark web about 2 years ago in high school… I've recently been getting really paranoid for no reason, I didn't buy anything and didn't see anything besides weird dildo website and other random things but It makes me paranoid that anyone could access that record 10 years down the line…

  10. noorijunaluhtee

    (in regards to Twitter talk) no sympathy for Nazis and white nationalists. if it were literally anyone else, I would care. I know there are fundamental values to have in democracy but those same values previously enabled the rise of fascism. plus it's just one platform and it's a big wide internet.

  11. Matthew Jeffero

    The USA was taken off the gold standard because it limits expansionary growth of an economy not because it was rival to the dollar

  12. MJ Higgins

    Did I hear you say Trump won and he wasn't the worst choice of the two? YIKES, talk about consuming "fake news". What is being ignored here is we in America have a party system like it or not. The GOP (AKA the moneyed elite) can only be stopped by the Dems (generally for the working man) and civil rights again "like it or not". Anyone that didn't vote to STOP the GOP (didn't bother to vote, voted third party or write in) is guilty of allowing the GOP to have COMPLETE control of our government.

    The coming days are only going to get darker and Net Neutrality? Yeah, the moneyed elite will be ditching that in favor of new ways to charge more dollars from the little guy.

  13. Matt Michael

    India's surprise cash swap is effecting a lot of people besides just their citizens. The secret change caused one of my american family members to lose a day waiting in lines trying to get their money sorted and thus almost got stuck in the country. I get India has problems their trying to fix but this was clearly handled very badly. The people this policy was amid at stopping have already worked out ways around it leaving the poor the most effected.


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