Tech Pick of the Week | Episode 2 Petzl I’D Tech Trick

By | 17th July 2017
Tech Pick of the Week | Episode 2  Petzl I’D Tech Trick

In this weeks Tech Pick of the Week we focus on a tech trick of the trade. The Petzl I’D is a self-braking descender with anti-panic function. This tech tip helps to demonstrate how to bypass the panic mode on the Petzl I’D by turning/rotating the I’D at an angle to allow the rope to bypass or defeat the cam. This technique is very helpful when you are making a horizontal progression and need to allow the rope to bypass the cam.

This tech trick is not endorsed by Petzl nor is it in the guidebook that comes with these products. Please remember to use this only with light loads or low angle progressions. Please call our gear tech’s for any questions at 888.600.9116.

Happy Rigging!

This trick can be used with:

The Petzl Rig

The Petzl I’D Small

and The Petzl I’D Large
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7 thoughts on “Tech Pick of the Week | Episode 2 Petzl I’D Tech Trick

  1. James Steele

    Mat Leonard the id has a button on the handle for low pitch rappel

  2. jolllyroger1

    If it doesn't do what is supposed to do …do not use it ….. Your asking for trouble using anything that does not function correctly …. especially if there are other systems that are simpler and work properly

  3. James Haxton

    Great tip. We just went out and practiced this tip and wow, life belaying with the ID just got simpler!!!

  4. Richard Delaney

    Nice work guys!  This is an awesome tip – especially if belaying from above when lowering on another line.  In the event of a main line failure, the ID is pulled out of the belayer's hand and this provides one of the most effective belays.

  5. Matt Leonard

    I routinely find the anti-panic engaging when I don't want it to (on lower-outs, rappels etc), despite having many hours on the ID. I personally just prefer the RIG. I don't feel the anti-panic additional measure of safety is worth the trade-off of accidental lock-ups, and feel that the control, redundancy, and safety of the RIG is plenty.


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