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Trump is embroiled in another scandal? Apparently giving classified information to the Russians! But isn’t the president allowed to share information as he sees fit?

The intel shared was about ISIS trying to blow up a plan with a bomb disguised as a laptop. There is now a potential electronics ban impending for flights from Europe to the US. But would this really work?

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  1. Ron Tucker

    Tim, terrorism has already negatively impacted our travel. Do you remember life before the Department of Homeland Security? Before the TSA? I do. Pal, we are thick into the disruption because of terrorism. And we haven't even mentioned the Orwellian Patriot Act and all the other stuff going on. It's a colossal infringement of our freedoms.

  2. vahleeb

    :))). The patriot act, the pre-flight pat-down from the TSA… Fuck all that, but checking in laptops is what's gonna seriously affect our way of life…. Way to miss the point, Tim!

  3. Suzanne Anon

    The ticked off 'ally' apparently is ISRAEL…no surprises there. You are absolutely correct that PRESIDENTIAL COMMUNICATIONS are to ENJOY EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE for the reasons stated. Specifically – OUR SUPREME COURT HAS DECLARED, as follows:

    "Presidential communications, the Court said, have “a presumption of privilege.” “The privilege is fundamental to the operation of government and inextricably rooted
    in the separation of powers under the Constitution. The operation of government is furthered by the protection accorded communications between high government officials and those who advise and assist them in the performance of their duties. “A PRESIDENT AND THOSE WHO ASSIST HIM MUST BE FREE TO EXPLORE ALTERNATIVES IN THE PROCESS OF SHAPING POLICIES AND MAKING DECISIONS AND TO DO SO IN A WAY MANY WOULD BE UNWILLING TO EXPRESS, EXCEPT PRIVATELY.” The separation of
    powers basis derives from the conferral upon each of the branches of the Federal Government of powers to be exercised by each of them in great measure independent of the other branches. The confidentiality of presidential conversation flows them from the effectuation of enumerated powers."

    Constitution of the
    United States of America
    Analysis and
    Annotations of Cases
    Decided by the Supreme Court of the United States
    to July 2, 1982

  4. Brandon

    There are ways to reinforce cargo containers, that you cannot really do with the crew cabin. I believe after Lockerbie they really started looking at this. Depending on the magnitude of the explosion, there could be a difference in the bombs effectiveness.


    when i read "trump intel scandal and airline laptop ban" my first thought was that intel somehow pissed off trump, and now he's no longer allowing the core i5's or core i7 based laptops on airplanes.

  6. Jorge Allthedrums

    Regarding the disclosure of clasified information I have sevral questions. Why do you think White House staff were so confuse and incoherent when answering to the press? How does this compare to Hillary Clinton's scandal, and the promise the Trump made to put her behind bars? How relevant do you feel is Israel's position in this and their concern that their intel might end up in Iran's hands?
    Also, point asise, regarding a different Trum scandal. Comey. What is your take on this? The fact that a President openly declares that he fired the FBI director because he was investigating him? I would really like to know your point of view.

  7. SixStringUk

    Cargo holds are designed to withstand a blast. You can't do that with the cabin.

  8. Kharmazov

    No he didn't He broke all the rules and the procedures in this case, engendering an ally. US and Russia share counterterrorism intel on a regular basis but they do so via proper channels.

  9. Johannes Nielsen

    Your correct, President Trump has that power to share whatever he deems

  10. Korruptor

    See Israeli scanner tech. No bombs, firearm, or part thereof makes it through.
    That's what the US should have purchased.

  11. Constance Mason

    Yes, Trump as President can say what he wants to whom he wants. However, the information was obtained through one of the U.S.'s allies, who did not give permission for the intel to be passed on. All Trump did was act like a kid in show and tell, and piss off another one of our allies.

  12. TheHelleri

    I would be concerned about an over zealous TSA worker voiding the warranty. Or they may damage personal electronics.

    I think firstly if they are going to deprive people of getting work done on their personal devices they should provide inflight solutions. Maybe sufficient laptops as workstations built into the back side of seats. When you buy a ticket you can have a guest account made on them and bring anything you need to work on in the form of a flash drive. They could have some basic web surfing capability with a data limit per flight (enough to read some articles, answer and write emails, and send a few files).

    There should also be some non-intrusive inspection standards. Like using a lighted borescope to look in vents for anything out of place (agents could have a catalogue of images of how something should look that they can bring up by entering a devices model, make/manufacturer). Scent dogs. Weighing (to see if something weighs more or less than it should) etc. But they cannot crack it open unless they are committed to destruction. They must make every attempt to preserve/backup information first (passwords provided by owner for limited use). And they must be bonded to cover the cost of anything they might destroy in the process of searching for things like drugs and explosive devices (wherein they end up finding nothing).

    In transport they should be using something like Anvil cases and resealable electrostatic bags. They should tag everything with a tracking number. The device itself (easy peel stickers), The bag it is in, and the case it is transported in should all have the same number. All the numbers should be checked and all components logged as having been received, inspected, repackaged, and sent back out, at every junction. Maybe they could even have damage report sheets. A customer can mark what damages they know there to be (scuffs, scratches, broken ports or plastics etc.) And that paper travels with it. Kind of like when you rent a car.

  13. Henrik G

    Mostly agreed, apart from the fact that you cannot trigger the bomb in your laptop if you don't even have your smartphone.

  14. Vidar D

    a) short term safety information really can only be responded to by knee jerk reactions.
    b) it is actually harder to hide a bomb in a device than you might think. the advantage of putting it in the cabin is that you now need to hide a triggering device that will not be set off accidentally, but go off at the right time, and the bomb.
    c) obviously bombs going off in un pressurized cargo compartments are much less likely to result in loss of life.
    d) the business community is powerful, they will ether get laptops back on, or USB plug in workstations built on the plane. you having to take a nap or read a book on planes for the next four months is well worth saving a few hundred lives.


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