These 3 new brave feature will make your Facebook account more secure.

By | 29th December 2017

Facebook is taking some brave new steps towards your account security.

Now you can say social media is one of the important part of our life. As technology is moving faster we need a fast medium to interact   with each other and that can only be done by social media. When we are  talking about social media the first media which will be in our tongue is Facebook, it is a medium by which whole the world can interact with each other, as it has most traffic if we calculated all other social media like twitter, whats-app etc.

We know if some thing has advantage then you can’t say doesn’t have any disadvantage, lots of people were misusing it.

FACEBOOK is taken some steps towards the security purpose

For every single person privacy and security  must be his or her first priority, As some creeping people misusing the advantages of social media that’s why it has taken some steps towards its security and privacy.

Below there are some security updates.

#1. Facebook to use Face AL to notify you of photo uploads with you in it.



#2. Al will help prevent people you’ve block.

If you have blocked a person and again he’s trying to reach you with some another new account then he’ll be unsuccessful.


#3. Now FACEBOOK update will help to keep creep out of your inbox.

Many time some  users just create disturbance for you and just irritate you. So, don’t worry now you now keep him out of your inbox.




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