TimeR R3F Smart Ring

By | 19th October 2016

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Jakcom smart ring model R3F is a wearable electronic components, operate the mobile function and share the data by NFC wireless frequency communication technology , the functions of the advanced design as following: Private Note, Screen lock, APP lock, Quick start, share business card, share internet link, share the text and share online file. Original Health Modulecan improve human performance effectively. The product shape is designed according to the international popular elements, created by the pure medical titanium, no need to charge, high waterproof, and suitable for any people at any time. SPECIFICATIONS: Model:JAKCOM-R3F Frequency:13.56MHZ Range to cover:1.5cm Work temperature:-50~+80℃ STRUCTURE: Position with “I” is chip area, Position with “II” is the second chip area, different areas for the different functions of application ( put on correctly to ensure the Letter “I” or “II” is in the center of finger guarantee the best read-write function of each chip。 And also inlay two Health Module below letter “I”and “II”, It specially selects Cotopaxi volcanic magnetic rocks magnet and Korea Nano FIR energy stone, it can improve human performance effectively. (*) Refer this link for software and instructions “http://www.jakcom.com/ins/R3F/index.html”


Item Weight 18 g
Product Dimensions 6 x 6 x 4.5 cm
Item model number R3F
Special features (1) Program lock : Your mobile phone only opens for you. User can select a program to be locked from the menu of “program lock”. After the program is locked, user should contact the mobile phone with Smart ring to run the program., (2) Automatic Running : Convenient and fast fashionable experience User can select one or multiple programs in the edition menu of “automatic Running” and design operation scripts for different phones. To enable an operation script in any environment, user can operate in corresponding Smart ring., (3) Magic business card : Leave your contact information stylishly. User can edit the content of business card in the edition menu of “wireless magic card setting” and write in the content. When the back of hand wearing the ring enters the NFC range of other mobile phones, the magic ring will automatically display and import a preset business card. The first NFC device in the world which can share image and business card information, is compatible with Android and WP mobile phones., (4) Whisper : Communication requires just one interaction User can edit the content of text in the menu of “Whisper” and write in the ring. Afterwards, wherever user contacts the mobile phone of NFC function, the mobile phone will automatically pop out the edited text content. The product is the first device in the world which can add 6 images and 2000 characters to a piece of NFC codeword and enables “delete after reading” function, and is compatible with all Android and WP mobile phones., (5) Start hide : The highest level personal privacy protection User can set hiding any application in the mobile phone and run a hidden application by Smart ring, or click “run” in this page (this function requires the ROOT authority of mobile phone)., (6) Link sharing : Information consulting, enabled by one click User can edit URL links in the menu of “link write-in” and import to Smart ring, or by explorer sharing function. Afterwards, wherever user contacts the mobile phones with NFC function, the mobile phone will automatically pop out the content of shared pages., (7) Network disk sharing : User can click the sharing function of network disk, select “NFC shareport” to write in the Smart ring, and then touch the mobile phone of others. Any or multiple NFC phones will automatically pop out the reception prompt box of network disk file and others can choose receiving immediately or saving to their own network disks. There is not a limit of reception time, saving times, quantity or file volume., (8) The key of Intelligent door : One-key opening, convenient and safe User can set Smart ring as the key to door according to the matching process of intelligent door lock. It supports most intelligent door locks of 13.56MHZ in the market, for example, Samsung series., (9) Screen unlock : Fast opening, fancy experience User can set Smart ring as the way to unlock the screen of mobile phone, no matter the mobile phone already has other unlocking ways, such as gesture code or password. (This function is only available in the mobile phones whose Android ROM is not highly customized. For the Android systems which have been highly customized, user should use other ROM or original Android ROM to use this function.)
Colour Black

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