Tips For A Successful Blog: Things Successful Bloggers Do!

By | 22nd July 2017
Tips For A Successful Blog: Things Successful Bloggers Do!

What does it take to create a successful blog? Here are a few things that you need to know!

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20 thoughts on “Tips For A Successful Blog: Things Successful Bloggers Do!

  1. Doug Martin

    Thanks for the tips. I especially liked the idea about "finding your own voice". That's a big help!

  2. Mark Alexa

    I think I gained way more respect for bloggers. It really takes a lot of effort and time to make a great blog and ultimately make a decent living out of it.

  3. stephen dixon

    I need some help… I am openly transqueer/crossdresser whatever you call it.. I just came out in 2015 that I was "Gay" to my fmaily and friends. I tho that was it, however I wanted to express my feelings by dressing up in ladies clothes… Then I was questions my Gender Identity… Now I would like to do online blogger to write about my past and showcase my experience as a transqueer and going out in public dressing up in ladies clothes…. eating out, traveling and meeting other people. I would like to post videos, photos, shopping page, music, traveling page etc, but not sure which name I like to call myself? Stephanie or Stephen?

  4. Netway Digital Services

    Thanks for sharing great tips. Very informative and helpful video.


    Hi Dana, Happy New Year! just a quick question, did you create your blog via gmail blog or is there any other way around doing it? cheers!

  6. Ivan's ASMR

    Thank you so much for this informative video 🙂 I just bought your e-book, looking forward to read it!

  7. Ally Carrothers

    Do you have any tips for adding content in the beginning of your blogs launch? Should you wait to promote your blog until you have a certain amount of content available, or start promoting right away?

  8. Lexes O'Hara

    I love the blog review idea! I'll have to get in on the next one if you still do these!

  9. Yilena Cordovi

    I just started a beauty channel so please check it out and Please sub I'll sub back leave a comment when subbed

  10. Anthony Struck

    you say engaging content…definitely.
    but my question is this
    when you say, instead of thinking of your own experience, try to think about the experience your visitors are going to be having..
    do you mean actually viewing the blog or the content within?
    why i ask is this…
    my idea for a novel (kind of an autobiogrpahy) i am thinking i want to start as a blog instead
    each chapter/blog post describes something in my past that at the time i hated and didn't understand, but as i got older i realized these things were really being done for my benefit and now with this knowledge, i would like to spread the knowledge i attained to everyone else who may be going through what i once was going through?
    kind of pick up what im putting down? sorry i tend to drift and in my mind it makes sense but a lot of the times it seems like nonsense
    i would go further into detail about the main topic, title, chapter breakdown etc, but i (no offense to anyone i am no one and not saying my material is worth stealing) do believe if done correctly, i will be able to make a positive impact on society…my ultimate goal.
    thanks for the tips by the way

  11. Vanelicious

    Thank you so much for your video and tips! It's so hard to choose a fixed direction and have "structure" but I totally see how it's a MUST! Keeps the vids coming 🙂

  12. Neb Johnson

    good video I'm new at this, so I don't have a clue of what I am doing, but I'm going to try and set up a blog, hiring a blog manager do u think that's a good idea

  13. Tiffany Soukup

    Ok, I am on like video number 5 in a row here….I'm digging your style and vibe. Thanks!

  14. Nikita Keskar

    can you give tips on how long the blog should be and what eles should a blog have besides home , about and contact page and how to write the content of the blog is it necessary to write in paragraphs. Because Google Adsense rejected my blog twice and they told that my blog has less content. I visit many blogs they are very long in terms of scrolling. Please help me with this.
    I love watching your vedio they are a support for the new bloggers thank you. 😃😘😍


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