Tips For Waking Up And Bicycle Commuting In The Morning Bike Blogger

By | 24th August 2017
Tips For Waking Up And Bicycle Commuting In The Morning Bike Blogger

Tips For Waking Up And Bicycle Commuting In The Morning Bike Blogger

Waking up early in the morning to bicycle commute to work can be discouraging sometimes.

Here are some tips on how to wake up in the morning and stay motivated when you feel too tired and sleepy:

* Drink and/or eat something easy. A banana may be all you need to boost your energy in the morning.

* Take a shower and do some stretches to warm up and wake up your body.

* Go to sleep early. Sometimes managing time may be not be easy so if you find yourself always getting to bed late you might consider “over estimating” how long it will take you to get there.

* Plan your route ahead of time so you know where to go and what to expect during the hours you will commute. Consider also mixing up your route to keep things interesting.

* Lay out your clothes and pack your equipment the night before so you can just grab them and go out the door without stressing yourself out. Check the weather the night before too.

* Inspect your bike the night before to make sure the tires are pumped up to the proper air pressure, the brakes are working, and the chain is in good shape. This is called the ABC check; air-brakes-chain (or drivetrain).

* Ride a bike you like and trust

* Ride with a coworker or friend if you are so lucky to have one nearby that rides and/or encourage them to join part of your commute.

* Track your progress and give yourself a little reward like a small bike upgrade at every milestone you pass like riding for 30 days in a row

Other tips for those new to bicycle commuting:

* Figure out how you will carry your things like in a backpack or pannier

* Identify where you will lock your bike (if you will not be bringing it into work) and where you can change clothes or clean up once you get to work.

* Keep some items at work in case of emergencies like extra clothes, tools, personal care items etc. if you can, in a desk or in a locker.

* Leave for work earlier than you expect it will take to get there so you do not worry about getting in late, fixing a flat tire, and/or having to change clothes etc.

The big battle is getting on the bike, but once you do you’ll wake up for sure and feel refreshed physically as well as mentally when you arrive to work, and sleep better at night for it.

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20 thoughts on “Tips For Waking Up And Bicycle Commuting In The Morning Bike Blogger

  1. Andrew Doromal

    Love you vids. Just starting to bike commute to work and you vids have been tremendously helpful.

  2. D

    i think if your going to take banages make sure you have neosporin to keep from getting any infections.

  3. Brock Peters

    I do complete opposite, except go bed early. take shower and eat once I get to work. leave a couple sets of clothes at work

  4. Brendan Williams

    hey BikeBlogger i want to get a rode bike for around 200 dollar range maybe 300 what do you recommend and why do u have to pump up the tires in the mornig

  5. el verdugo Pr

    build a basket from milk crates and reinforce the top with pvc pipes and elbows.

  6. el verdugo Pr

    put the ring clock far away from the bed, the best is stretch yourself on bed for one or 2 minutes.

  7. T Stamps

    +BikeBlogger I want some handle bars like you have in this video for my single speed bike. Where can I get them?

  8. LFC91

    Single speed is definitely NOT what you need. Please just try a newish road bike with 105's or above and see for yourself.

  9. eilrach299

    NIce vid. I love your route to work, weaving in and out of different areas. For me, it's just roads with signal lights, no shortcuts through company car parks etc! Your tips are true, the best being get ready the night before. Having my pannier bags ready is such a help. Though my biggest motivation is that I can cycle my 17km route in around 35-40 mins (traffic allowing etc) which is at least 20 mins quicker than any other method (helicopter aside). You touched briefly on how you check cars to see if they are about to back up. I think a vid highlighting various dangers and pointing out what we daily commuters look for would be helpful for those starting out. I know I have had to 'teach' people on the road about etiquette and basic survival rules. Keep up the good work!

  10. Twhiz56

    Whenever I ride to work I feel good riding up there in the mornings, and on my way back I feel more tired while riding and sluggish. I have s specialized road bike which is decently fast. at my job im on my feet all day so im moving around alot so I wonder if its the fatigue after work and wind can play a factor in it, You have any advice on this.

  11. Paul Vasquez

    @bikeblogger I would imagine that one good thing about a single speed is that it forces you to get out of your seat right? This way you butt doesn't get too sore. I know that on my multi-speed, I always sitting down. Also, were you riding your Wabi today? Looks like you have 23c tires on it.

  12. Mr Baxteria

    I work at night but I love early mornings. Is it safe to bike even if you haven't slept yet?

  13. Julien Cheung

    "SINGLE SPEED is all I need" – Bike blogger

    🙂 great motivational quote

  14. Sam Knits!

    I don't know why, but I just burst out laughing when I heard that.


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