Tips To Increase Your Blog/Website Traffic

By | 8th October 2016

Is Your Blog/Website Getting Traffic .?

No , How to Get Traffic to Your Blog..? What did i do Wrong in Getting traffic to My Blog.These are the Questions asked by Every New Blogger to his Referrals or Other Senior Bloggers.Though we do very well with Our Blog But we May Fail to Get Drive Traffic to Our  Blog . So, I Came Here to Share Most Essential Tips For new bloggers On How to Get Traffic To Your Blog/Website.


Tips For Getting Traffic to Your Blog/Website :

Blog Content


As Every Blogger Says “Content is King“. Yes, If you  have a Unique Content on your Blog/Website will automatically helps you to get readers to your Blog/Website.Competition has reached Peak level in Blogging so we need to produce a Unique content to attract Visitors or readers.You need to Post reguarly on your   blog make the First Time visitor as your regular reader of Your Blog/Website.Title Selection also plays a Crucial role in Getting Traffic to your Blog/Website.Try to Write the Content with easy Vocabulary which helps for better Understanding of Your Posts For Readers. Content should be attractive which makes a visitor to get addicted to your Blog Posts.
Commenting :

Commenting   on  others  Blog posts  help you to get traffic from different Source.Commenting Should be like Writing your View on the topic or Placing a Query on the post which your not familiar with.(Note : Query should be releated to BlogPost .Don’t Comment irrelevant to the topic discussed in Blog post). Comments Such as “Nice Post “, “Great Post ” will be termed as Spams.Another Great tip Is Try to Comment On Commentluv Enabled Plugin which shows your latest Post.Try to Comment On Your Seniors Blogs and New Blogger blogs which boosts up their Confidence level to Produce a Better Content and more Blog posts.The Greater advantage of Commenting helps you get loyal readers to your blog.

 Guest Posting :

Guest Posting means deliverying the content and making it publishing on Other Blogs.You should try to do Guest Post on Other Blogs which in return gives  Fame to you and also to your Blog/Website.If You do Guest Post on Popular Blogs will get enough exposure to your Blog/Website.Guest Post is a major advantage for new bloggers to get traffic to their blogs.Guest Post also have Certain Rules and Regulatuons to be Followed do Remember them while Writing Guest Post.Doing Guest Post also gives you the facility of getting Blacklinks to your Site.Guest Post helps to get a Higher Page Rank.Finally  Having Writing Skills so do Guest Post on Top Blog and get higher Traffic.

Social Media :

Now a days Traffic from Social Media sites have Shown rapid Increase in Search Bars.Social Site like Facebook ,Twitter,Pin insterest, linkedin  many more.

Set up a Facebook Fan Page :  


This is very major tip to get little attention of Readers or Friends In Facebook about your Blog/Website.If Your Very Good at Promoting your Blog ,then Facebook Fan Page is very Platform For sharing Your Posts to get Traffic to Your Blog.


Join Blogger Groups in Facebook :


This is Place where all Bloggers get interact to each other with their Blogs. Be Part of a Blogger Group and promote your Blog/Website in that to get traffic to your site.Here Every Other Blogger also Places their Posts . Be an Active member in that Group , do read every Posts Posted by other Fellow Bloggers and make an Impression that your reading their articles.Hence, this Facebook Groups also Give a Quality Traffic to your Blog/Website.


Twitter :


Twitter second source of Traffic Generation .Twitter is another site  For  Getting Traffic to Your Blog .  Make Tweets about your Blog/Website atleast Twice a day.So that it may help to get little attention From Your Twitter Fans. If You have Twitter account do follow Every other Blogger In Twitter .


        Many Social Bookmarking sites such as Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Delicious etc. Create your account it and start submitting your Post links in it.When a reader searches for something then these bookmarking site will show the latested submitted post for asked query.This is another trick to get traffic to your Blog.


Other Important Tips are :


Adding Images to your Blog Post also gets you some traffic.Blog with Good Rank for a Key word in image search then you will get lot’s of traffic.Use keyword and image too helps you to get image rank  better. Lastly,Drive Traffic By Answering Questions on web.Most popular sites are Yahoo and Quora.  By  answering to the Queries asked by different people on web and placing the link of your site at the end.If Your answer is of good quality their may be possibility of getting lots of Traffic and Good Page Rank.Please don’t do Spam their.

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