Tips & Tricks; Photographing Sketches for Instagram!

By | 23rd September 2017
Tips & Tricks; Photographing Sketches for Instagram!

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20 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks; Photographing Sketches for Instagram!

  1. Potato Potato

    Omg I found u I saw your art style somewhere and I loved it so much but couldn't find you and it popped up in my feed omg insta subbed

  2. Boggly 92

    OMG I FOUND YOU ON YOUTUBE!! I've been following your art on Insta for a while now 😀

  3. Meow Meow Kapow

    Oooh, those features in the line camera app look super useful!  Normally, I either don't edit, or use the built-in editing tools in the  photos app on the phone.  Thanks for the phone editing ideas!

  4. liszst

    camscan app is godsend o_o if you want the art to look like it's been scanned and stuff even tho you took a photo of it

  5. Thach Thao Nguyen

    A nice tip for you people out there who do not like using filters on their artwork is to download the photoshop app on your phone and from there you can sharpen the lines if you have a blurry picture (bad cam) or to make it cleaner by example: increasing the white background, the blacks etc. Also add me! Ill follow back " sosodoodles "

  6. SweetLian

    This would be useful….if I actually had a phone with a good camera. Great video by the way.


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