By | 28th July 2017
Top 10 CRAZIEST EVENTS  Ever Caught on LIVE TV

Welcome to Top10Archive! We typically turn to television to escape it all, to leave behind the nuances of life that get us down. Sometimes, the entertainment tube betrays us and filters the worst of the world right into our living room, making it difficult to avoid things like these ten shocking events that were caught on live television.

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10. Felix’s SkyDive Record
9. Lee Harvey Oswald Murder
8. Manila Hostage Crisis
7. Fall of Berlin Wall
6. Destroying Saddam Hussein’s Statue
5. Iranian Embassy Siege
4. 1972 Olympic Massacre
3. Challenger Space Shuttle
2. Hurricane Katrina
1. 2011 Japanese Tsunami


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20 thoughts on “Top 10 CRAZIEST EVENTS Ever Caught on LIVE TV

  1. Top10Archive

    Did you watch any of these events unfold on Live TV? What other historic events have you witnessed?

  2. Cameron S

    Of course the statue falling was staged. That shit was set up by U.S. PSYOPS

  3. Gideon Johnston

    What about the suicide of that politician (sorry I forgot his name)

  4. Aidan LaRose

    Let me guess, Lee Harvey Oswald, that guy who skydived from space, the challenger shuttle disaster, 1972 olympics, saddam husseins hanging, JFK murder, the thing with those hostages in the bus in Manila, Berlin Wall being destroyed, and 9/11

  5. Robert Sherry

    Olympics, Embassy, Berlin Wall, Challenger, Katrina, Japan, The strangest one for me was the Challenger exploding. At that time I slept until 10am-11am, but for whatever reason I woke up much earlier and just decided to go down and turn on the T.V. and saw that the Challenger was going to launjch and decided to watch it. You know the rest… I think it's a tough call with the Japan Tsunami due to the Indian Ocean Tsunami which killed over 250,000,000 people. Japan did and still does have the Nuclear aspect to it, so perhaps long term it will kill as many if not more for a variety of reasons. All and alot of other disaster's thougout my life. It seems to get worse everytime, which at this point scares me , especially if it's going to be worse then the Tsunami's. I choose those due to the short, mid and long term effects. As I said, all were terrible things to witness.. Thanks…

  6. Saint of gaming XD

    Pfff viewers descrection yeah right (watches video)

    Never left house

  7. sacriop fecaeca

    sadam was a good president to iraq that's why USA shut him down they don't want iraq to be strong -Ps: Iraq never had a nuclear weapon as they said but they had Petrol


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