Top 10 Secret WhatsApp Tricks You Need To TRY NOW!

By | 21st July 2017
Top 10 Secret WhatsApp Tricks You Need To TRY NOW!

Top 10 Secret WhatsApp Tricks You Need To TRY NOW!

Top 10 Secret WhatsApp Tips and Tricks of Whatsapp!
You Need Root Access for Some of the Tricks.
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20 thoughts on “Top 10 Secret WhatsApp Tricks You Need To TRY NOW!

  1. Deeksha Singh

    someone has opened my whatsapp acc on their device ie my whatsapp is on my phone as well as on other's. they can see all my chats… i want to disable this thing.. how can i do it using my phone and without letting them know?
    plz if u knw.. i mean this serious for me

  2. Kapil Sakpal

    hii Frnd I need Ur help itssss toooooo urgent ,
    I want to how to hack location with the messenger,someone is texting me I want to hack his location plz help me

  3. Ankit Yadav

    hii bro…! how to download WA tweaks?? can i Use it for samsung galaxy j700f
    (android 6.0.1)??

  4. Revenant

    WA Tweaks asking Root permission how can i do that in my Moto g3??? and seebye chat heads too and any harmful to device if we use these apps,coz it's showing a caution msg…

  5. Deepesh Malhotra

    well for last seen freeze module, it has stated that use on your own risk. if WhatsApp bans you I'm not responsible….
    hence I'm having second thoughts while using it.

  6. Next Thinkerz

    Dude 1:12 sey leke aage ka kuch secs, moving cam shots… Damn!! Looks awesome😍😍

  7. Deepak HDR

    Hey Bro m also using the Nova launcher setup for Pixel look but slide up to open drawer only work from dock,not anywhere on the screen..
    In ur video u slide up in the middle of screen and drawer comes.
    which settings should I change for this thing? Help if possible


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