Top 10 Unusual WordPress Plugins! Must Have Fun Plugins For WordPress

By | 1st August 2017
Top 10 Unusual WordPress Plugins! Must Have Fun Plugins For WordPress

In this video, i will show you some cool wordpress plugins for your wordpress website! These are just for fun but some of them you may actually want to use! Many of these wordpress plugins havent been updated in a while so just have fun with them and enjoy this video about the top 10 plugins for wordpress!

The unusual wordpress plugins i used in this wordpress tutorial:

MyPuzzle Plugin:

Doodle plugin:

Asteroids Plugin:

Quiz Cat Plugin:

Never Gonna Give You Up Plugin:

Fireworks and Snow Plugin: and

Flash Games:

Shoot The Zombie Plugin:

Elizaibot WordPress Plugin:

Big ass radio button:

I know there isnt 10 unusual wordpress plugins, but it just sounds better to say top 10! anyways thanks for watching this wordpress plugin tutorial!

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11 thoughts on “Top 10 Unusual WordPress Plugins! Must Have Fun Plugins For WordPress

  1. Darrel Wilson

    Thanks for watching! Let me know if you actually used some of these plugins are watching this video! Push the THUMBS UP!

  2. John Bastian Bolhano

    Hmm interesting plugins, maybe I'll install some of it just to have fun, thanks for sharing

  3. Peter Keijzer

    Cool video. Too bad these games are in Flash, would be cool to see them in HTML5.

  4. AL Wital

    Thank you. You"Hit" right out of the Park with this one. I will try out some of these and see.

  5. Carolle St Onge

    Best Video ever!!!! I'm going to to use the radio button on my shopping site that you taught me how to make. The astroid game on another site/blog template I built that you recommended (its covers some serious subjects so my readers can shoot stuff to get rid of thier frustrations). I just have to try the fire works for my Canadian products shop also that I learned how to build from you. We (Canada) are celebrating our 150th birthday this July. I can't wait to see how they work. Paddywack is adorable by the way! Thanks for being so amazing I have learned so much from you.

  6. Animefreak242

    I feel like the doodle. Is asking for trouble. The quiz and asteroid ones are cute though.

  7. Karla Rodriguez

    awesome video i think ill do the zombie lol anyways could you please do a how to move your website domain please been struggling.

  8. AVREUS Nature-Within

    Darrel could you provide information on how to create a website like "Xpedia" what are the required plugins to get the booking pages. Please Darrel. You have given lot of information over time.
    being frank, I am your fan on the way you spread knowledge

  9. shammu alam

    Hello boss make one tutorial for price comparative afflicted website in WordPress.


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