Top 5 Laptops (2017)

By | 8th August 2017
Top 5 Laptops (2017)

It’s 2017, and the latest laptops hitting the market are thinner, lighter, and more powerful than ever before! Here are the very best laptops available this year. (links to laptops below)

Top 5 Laptops:
#5 – Asus Chromebook Flip

#4 – MacBook Pro 2016 (with/without Touch Bar)

#3 – HP Spectre x360 (13.3-inch)

#2 – Microsoft Surface Book (with/without Performance Base)

#1 – Lenovo Yoga 910

If you read this far in the description, use the phrase “pressing F5 is refreshing” in the comments. It’ll be our wink to each other 😉

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20 thoughts on “Top 5 Laptops (2017)

  1. Rishav Bhowmik

    you are absolute dumb.
    you are ranking Spector above mac book pro .
    Mac much more quick , has better screen color and also has most amazing OS.

    And nodoubt that nothing has longer higher performance life span then Mac Book pro .
    and unless you are not artist touch screen is useless stuff.

  2. Paulina Jundulaitė

    Hey, guys! I am thinking about buying a laptop and I will probably be studying multimedia where's a lot of rendering and other difficult stuff.. Can you recommend the best and not the most expensive choice?

  3. Roman I. Drozd

    Very good and fast review. One thing – Macbook Pro Touchbar you can't compare with the rest of laptops (SurfaceBook, Yoga910, HP Spectre 360) because of touch and pen functions. It's clear that on Macbook Pro you can't paint. THX!

  4. shareen curry

    getting the 2017 mac book pro for my juinor year in highschool :p

  5. MiniWaffle

    You can't have a best laptops video without the dell xps 13 it is way better than that Lenovo you showed at number 1

  6. Neo Edition

    Chromebooks are complete shit. Smh.

    I'd be satisfied with a MacBook Pro 💁🏼‍♂️ but the $$$ is overpriced.

  7. ClassyBlackNinja

    I care more about how fast the wifi works on the laptop GB GB Ram

  8. Benjamin Mrsa

    What do you guys think about Lenovo Flex 5? Is it worth it?


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