Top 5 NFC Features: Explained!

By | 6th October 2017
Top 5 NFC Features: Explained!

NFC Technology Explained – Plus a quick Top 5! Thumbs up!

List of all NFC-Enabled Devices:

NFC Tags:

NFC Task Launcher App (Android):

My phone wallpaper in this video:

Top 5 Awesome NFC Stuff
5. App launching [2:59]
4. Settings toggles [3:05]
3. Business Cards [3:15]
2. Transit Tickets [3:32]
1. Mobile Wallet [3:53]

Honorable mentions: NFC Parking Meters, Android Beam, & NFC Car keys!

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20 thoughts on “Top 5 NFC Features: Explained!

  1. Charles Anderson

    Does any Metal attached to the back of the Nexus 6P case interfear with NFC transactions. I have a magnet car cell phone mount if it does then should I just remove it?

  2. rocketgeek13

    I know of somebody who had an NFC tag to start up the PC that they used at a technical school every time he swiped his phone over it

  3. suraj thakur

    But even shifting to different saved profile in phone does the same stuff. It's just add one more step that we need to manually change the profile so, Whats the difference?

  4. Marios2003 Christophorou

    The business card idea is THE BOSS-IEST idea EVER!!!


    Fucking hell, I tried to do this with my iPhone. I was wanting to send my friend a photo and the nfc won't work on… Oh yea. Nvm. 😂

  6. Hobbes Tiger

    5:10 What's the BEST way to transfer information between to phones?
    Make them have sex!

  7. Kiel Enrique

    4 years later and the iPhone lost it's headphone jack and still didn't get NFC.

    Also, every phone should have NFC.

  8. Tushar Bakraniya

    I am getting a nfc smartphone.
    Any suggestion & guide to what things can be done ?

  9. MissionPie 831

    That's awesome, you can put that NFC tag inside an iPhone (if you take off the back) and have the worlds first nfc Iphone.


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