Top 5 Trends for Website Design in 2017

By | 28th July 2017
Top 5 Trends for Website Design in 2017

Learn What Critical Website Design Trends You Should Adopt in 2017.

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01:51 Trend #1: Longer, Larger & Horizontal
03:45 Trend #2: Color
04:40 A Quick Tip Regarding Video
05:50 Using Your Own Photos
08:55 Trend #3: Responsive Over Mobile Ready
12:25 Trend #4: AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages
16:56 Trend #5: Engage Your Customer
22:02 Recap
23:00 Conclusion

With all the technological advances and the associated changes in how consumers find and do business, you may be reeling with how to keep up. Is there a way to set up my business’s website that will help visitors become customers? What are my customers looking for in a professional website? How much do I need to worry about algorithms and SEO and all that stuff?

In this video, Elizabeth Varian, the founder of Webmaster for Hire, lays out the top 5 website design trends that are a must for all websites to adopt during 2017. She explains what sort of layout your website should have, how to use color and real photos effectively, what the difference is between responsive and mobile-ready sites (and which is best), what to do about Google’s AMP algorithm (Accelerated Mobile Pages), and, finally, how to be interactive and engaging with your visitors.

20 thoughts on “Top 5 Trends for Website Design in 2017

  1. PCLHH

    Great video, thanks. (I looked at the lenght of it, and thought: "no way I'm going to watch 23 minutes of this", but it wasn't boring at all.)

  2. enigma

    How big should a font approx be? (I know it depends, but give examples)

  3. Inanna Dresses

    I'm working on a website (Fashion Blog) and after hours and hours of researches I came to the conclusion that my website needs an infinite scrolling, full width horizontal, large boxes, Responsive, Big Fonts (According to Google the title has to be 18 and regular text 14-16) and for the menu I'm still hesitating to do it like the Beyonce Website or the one like yours. also google loves IMAGES+TEXT+VIDEO formula blog post. For AMP, I just learned that yesterday so I will use the All in one plugin. I will be focusing only on Pinterest, Twitter & Youtube for social Medias. The SEO subject is so hard to master, I'm literally learning it for 5 months now! Anyway, Thanks for your great video, it confirms the choices I made for my website!

  4. turjo123

    worth to watch full video, having lots of experiences. thanks a lot

  5. Winston Peterson

    Great video, your're AMAZING! My clients will love these enhancement for their websites. Thanks a bunch my friend!

  6. Vikas Sharma

    Hi Elizabeth, perfect video with perfect answers. loved it, thanxxx

  7. Anirudh Bisht

    loved using different color and also using bigger font sizes.

    just a concern adobe can go full mobile because it is well known to the whole world their products are well known among the designers but a new business need to showcase things and also need to be minimum click away or else user will run away second hamburger menu are not that much reliable as still many designers are in confusion how to put where to put and what to put inside the hamburger menu.

    i think we must refrain from using hamburger menu in desktop view.

  8. Nationwide Portfolios Business Capital

    Good presentation!!!! Another subscriber..

  9. tenminutetokyo

    You forgot the #1 trend: No white males allowed in ad/web images.


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