Top 6 Smartphone Apps for MBA Students

By | 8th October 2016

If you’re an MBA student, you probably already know this world is changing drastically. Just reading books won’t get you anywhere right now.

And specially with the kind of competition that the world has these days, you just have to rely on other, more modern means of educating, and organising yourself.

This world has been so automated that you just can’t imagine your life without “apps” ! Yeah, I get that. Even shopping and eating have become apps now.

So well in this article, I’m covering some really neat, pretty descent tools for you to get on your device, to make your Student life easier. And if you’re an MBA student, then definitely these apps are for you.

Pocket MBA: Learning Studio by ComboApp: Ever needed a professional MBA course? Right at your home? Well, then this is the app to go with. It offers you an extensive home-based  professional MBA course that would just take your self-abasement to a whole new level.

The app not only let’s you assess yourself, but also look into financial hikes, influential data charts, and a lot more. Technically just the power packed edition of everything you need to crack your MBA exam up!

Thumb Jot: Who carries notebooks these days? They get torn, they are heavy, they need maintenance, and they turn yellow over time. Well not anymore. Thumbjob let’s you take direct notes on it, using your device. Meaning, you won’t be needing your heavy notebooks in your backpacks anymore. Just put this little app on your device, and carry it too any corner of the world you want.

Ledger: If you’re an MBA student, you probably understand how important it is to keep track of finances, right? And with every passing day, or hour, the data just becomes more and more complex. Well with this tiny little app is like your tiny little genius brother.

It helps you record just about anything you do with your money. Track loans, bank stuff, or just a record of your expenditure. It has got it all.

TripIt: If you understand the importance of good connections, you’ll probably understand the importance of knowing when to connect. This little tiny app tells you which of your friends are in which cities, and if you happen to be in the same city by chance. There’s no need to miss that opportunity out. You don’t know, what miracle a surprise meet up might hold !

The Wall Street Journal Mobile Reader: It’s a NewsWire app from The Wall street journal. Now, being an MBA student you need to keep yourself updated, and there can’t be a better place for you then the WSJ there’s no doubt for that. So here’s an app that makes things easier for you.

Documents to Go: Just the perfect app you need to access almost all of the possible document file types on your cell device. Yes, you don’t need a laptop now every time when you want to check up a Microsoft word post, or an excel spreadsheet maybe. This app helps you access all those document files right on your cell.


Doesn’t matter where you are, or what you’re doing, Apps are an integral part of our life now. Wikipedia says PlayStore has over 1,400,000 apps in total !

So it’s clear that Apps are a must right now. Either you’re trying to go shopping, get yourself a new jacket, buy a Car, or are just looking for some MBA colleges in Chandigarh, there’s an app for almost everything.

You can’t probably change your grades with Apps, but those can definitely make your life easier, so now the question is, do you want to make your life easier? If yes, go along and try the apps out.

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