Top 8 Best BUDGET Phones 2017

By | 4th October 2017
Top 8 Best BUDGET Phones 2017

You don’t have to spend a FORTUNE to get a great phone – we’ve rounded up the Top 8 Best Budget Phones for 2017.

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Thanks to The Tech Chap, PhoneArena, Btekt, Android Authority for use of their footage

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20 thoughts on “Top 8 Best BUDGET Phones 2017

  1. KartonnenDoos

    What about moto g4play? You can get it for 50$ now and its a really good phone.

  2. Nathan Contorelli

    What? Pardon me but did I just hear that the OP3T has a 13 Mega Pixel camera on the back? That is totally wrong. The OP3T has a 16 Mega Pixel camera on the back. It also has a 16 Mega Pixel selfie camera on the front too. Come on guys, get the facts right.

  3. Vamsi Krishna

    Bro you are explaining to common people not to rich people. You say iphone se, oneplus 3t is budget phones

  4. Cutedu

    why would i go for that iphone SE ? its too small, double the price, same specs as the similar quality from samsung. people just buy it because of the name "iphone" to be relevant on social meetings

  5. whaatttzzaaa

    great video, thanks. ive been watching other videos too and the speaker is so slow, dull and lame. you da best!

  6. Grahame .White

    This video is misleading – I recon a budget is under £100 or say $90 – I have a Cubot note which having had for only 3 weeks and added 32gig card consider this matches all these reviewed…. Didn't want to mention this did you ?

  7. JH Piano

    i need an oled display
    that DOESNT resemble an iphone,
    i would get a nexus 6p black
    but google doesnt sell them anymore…

  8. JH Piano

    i swear to god…
    everyone has a fuckn apple now.
    and if u get something that resembles "apples" design
    youll get shit for that…
    one plus
    and all them other phones that "stole" apples design…

  9. Thomas Laskowski

    budget if you r rich? I have an old htc desire that was 100 CAD brand new. it has wifi bluetooth, headphone and few other technologies. and it's not made from glass like all the new phones, so it still works….

  10. Min Genius Yoongi's Baewhohedoesntknowexists

    The Moto g4 sucks balls. Idk about the g5, but I'm using the g4 and replaced it 3 times. First problem, white bar, second problem, corner spasm and third problem
    Fucking SCREEN BURN. I hate it when I go to the notifications and see ghosts of old apps.
    I'm getting a replacement, which is the Huawei p9 lite


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