Top iPhone 7 Gadgets You Should Buy

By | 17th July 2017
Top iPhone 7 Gadgets You Should Buy

Top iPhone 7 Gadgets You Should Buy

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20 thoughts on “Top iPhone 7 Gadgets You Should Buy

  1. WayTooFast

    I love how the guy didn't know the girl yet his fingerprint was registered on the phone

  2. manny balderas

    Do the headphones of Zeus Nimbus 2,000 work on my iPhone 7douchebag plus?

  3. Fussion Lynx

    who woupd charge their iphone and listen to music at the same time i dont know ANYBODY who would do that

  4. Clinton Mbowe

    How does the guys finger print work on the girls phone?!

  5. itzAydoh

    of course, the women would have the photographer's fingerprint saved randomly

  6. vickimon

    we shouldn't need to buy any of these… apple just took these out.

  7. Chillcat king

    here's a good iPhone gadget, ANYTHING BUT AN IPHONE!!!

  8. Erikson Tuazama

    at 1:09 he unlocked a total stranger's phone with his fingerprint. ..😩😩


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