Ultimate Guide- Now factory reset iPhone without password

By | 2nd January 2018

Now you can reset iPhone without password

Everyone have there own reason to keep privacy in their phone. Mainly a person keep password as just because of security reason but if some time you by mistake forgot the password, then you have only the option to factory data reset iPhone.


So, by this you can start your phone all over again with new password.

But what if you have an iPhone because you can’t reset your phone if you have iPhone. Suppose you bought an iPhone from some but its password is protected or may be by any reason you want to reset iPhone.

Key point to remember before reset iPhone


reset iPhone

  • You don’t have iCloud Activation on your phone because if you weather reset iPhone you won’t be able to login.
  • Your all data will be cleared from the phone.


Steps to factory data reset iphone :-

  • Things you’ll need –
  1. iTunes must be installed on your pc
  2. USB Cable

Step 1 :- At first switch of your phone and you’ll have to press sleep button and slide on the power off button.

Step 2 :- Now you need to start iTunes on your computer and make sure your iPhone is attached to the USB Cable .

Step 3 :-  You will be presented to connect to iTunes screen on your pc and then you’ll see a recovery option on iTunes.

Step 4 :-  Basically it will show you to reset the software to factory standard so now, go ahead and click on restore and then restore and              update , by this every thing will be deleted from your phone and by this you will only lost the data of your your phone.


reset iPhone





Step 5:-  iTunes will extract the software and now you’ll just have to wait for some time.

Step 6:- Once extracting completes, you’ll see an Apple logo and then start installing on your phone.

Step 7 :- After installation now you can start your phone.



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