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How to | Techwear

Im gonna show you how you can get all the AIs and cyborg babes WET with this techwear tutorial. Get your future aesthetic game strong and hot. GO ASK ME STUFF IN THE COMMENTS FOR MY Q&A!!!! Thanks for watching! Leave a like and comment on what you want to see more of! Email me: for anything… Read More »

5 Secret Phone Tricks That NOBODY Knows…

Today I will show you 5 phone tipps and tricks. This Video Shows: How to use a battery as a stylus. How to use your phone secretly. How to hide photos. How to tangle free headphones. How to get more brightness. Instagram ➤ Snapchat ➤ robspage Twitter ➤ ➤ Robswifi Facebook page ➤ BUSINESS… Read More »

5 Incredible way to use your Mobile Camera

Hello Namaskar Dosto, Dosto Apne apne Mobile ke camera Ka use sirf selfi or photo lene ke liy hi use kiya hoga but ky dosto apko malum hai ki Apke Mobile Ka camera or bhi bahut kam kr skta hai , Dosto Aaj is Video me Mai apko aise hi 5 different way btaya hu jaha pr aap… Read More »

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U – How To Tech

Teching is an important technique in any Smash game. How do I Tech? Why is Teching in Smash useful? How can I get better at implementing Teching in my game play. I answer all these questions in this informative video offering my own insight as a top Smash Wii U Player. My Video on Ledge Options: My… Read More »

How To Wall Tech – Super Smash Bros. Melee

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST. Our guide was VERY LARGELY influenced by the techniques and drills that were originally in THIS VIDEO: While We did add a few things that the creator did not go over, I would like to give full credit to his guide. Thank you for reading. BY GREAT POPULAR DEMAND! Wall tech! Tech skill! We… Read More »

How To: Tech (Ground, Wall, Stage) – Super Smash Bros Wii U

Although this technique has a different name in each Smash game, the timing has stayed relatively the same and the usefulness of this technique hasn’t changed at all. What are some things that YOU have trouble with in Smash? Let me know in the comments! Lets Plays and Other Series!: Majoras Mask 3DS: Captain Toad: Event… Read More »