Why USB is made up arrow, because here Know

By | 7th February 2017

We often use such things on which the mark is made up something, but we are unaware of the fact, that is the meaning of these distinguishing marks. If you just focus on each USB mark appears as an arrow, but you know, that is why the scars and marks on the USB does it mean? No matter if you do not know, because today we have the secret curtain and remove the traces of the USB, please explain what that means.


The sign says this marks Jyometrik who tells it, that is the one the Standard port so you can connect a variety of devices. As it is said, that the USB symbols of Neptun trident is parodied. The way power is considered a symbol trident. Just sign the technical strength of one of the USB can be said.

इसके इलावा यूएसबी पर आपको तीन तरह के निशान दिखाई देते हैं. जिनमे से एक तीर का निशान, दूसरा गोल निशान और तीसरा चोकोर निशान होता है. साथ ही इनमे से तीर का निशान तो सीरियल डाटा को दर्शाता है, तो वही गोल निशान 5 वी के लिए होता है और चोकोर निशान ग्राउंड वॉल्टेज को दर्शाता है.

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