How to Use 2 Whatsapp On Android

By | 22nd October 2016

Yes, I am back with a fantastic Trick for your Android dual Sim mobile phone. Now, it is easily possible to use 2 whatsapp on android mobile phones. Interesting thing is, this method will work without root also. Though, this trick can work in single sim too, try it out 😉

How to Use 2 Whatsapp On Android


First of all, let me clarify that, this trick might not work for few of the mobile handset. I have tried in 3 different Android devices and I could use 2 whatsapp on all three of them without any problem.

Let’s follow few simple steps to achieve our target and start using two whatsapp account on one phone.

#1. Goto Settings as shown in below screenshot



#2. In the next screen select User settings

Remember, we are going to use 2 whatsapp account on single android mobile phone that too without rooting our mobile device, and to achieve this we are creating a separate user environment on your android device.




#3. Add New User for your Android mobile phone

Well, this is a trick many doesn’t know. With your latest Android Lollipop Operating system, you can have an option to add, delete, modify an user for your android device same like computers.



#4. Configure new user to enable 2 whatsapp account on single android device

Yes, now simply click next buttons to configure your new user for basic setup and once it is done you are almost ready to go to use 2 whatsapp accounts on your single android mobile phone.



#5. Congratulations, you are all done to use 2 whatsapp on your android



Now, you have 2 user accounts. You can switch from primary to new user and install Whatsapp. Once you istall you will receive an SMS verification. Since you have dual sim mobile, you will immediately get verified without any hassle. Once verification is done, you can switch between both users and use 2 whatsapp account on your single android mobile phone.

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