Why Should You Use Windows Hosting

By | 7th October 2016

When it comes to Windows hosting, the web hosting company that you have chosen to use will be running the Windows operating system. Windows operating system offers a higher level of security and more convenience and it comes with a raised compatibility between software and hardware. It also has some excellent features built into it that help to improve websites and development.

When it comes to making a decision over hosting a website Windows is not the only option because they also have the opportunity to use UNIX operating systems to host their sites. However, there is no doubt that Window is a popular choice when it comes to operating systems and this can be extremely beneficial to online businesses because it comes with a number of advantages whilst also meeting all of your web hosting requirements.

When Choosing to use windows hosting platform, with it comes a whole host of advantages. However, it becomes the only choice of hosting if your website relies on the use of .Net or even visual basic and this is because UNIX hosting would have compatibility issues from a language perspective.

A server that runs Windows is a lot more beneficial for those people who are familiar with the Windows operating system because there would be no requirement for them to learn and understand a new language as a way of maintaining and updating their websites.

Using a Windows server ensures that you have support for Active Server Pages which are also known as .ASP as well as Dynamically Database-Driven Pages, as a comparison, UNIX servers do not have the same support as this and therefore, it means that site owners who have plans of using this common scripting language in their websites would have no other option but to choose a Windows hosting platform.

A Windows Server has the capabilities to directly access any data that is stored in an Access database and then it can seamlessly implement and integrate it with no problems. One other benefit of using Windows based hosting is the potential to develop and create Windows-based applications that can be used specifically on your website.

In a perfect world, your website and the hosting platform on which it is positioned would have been easily scalable and because Windows operating system is compatible with platforms used for programming such as PHP and MySQL, and this is why it is important for the hosting platform to have the scalability that would be required. What also helps to make the Windows hosting platform more preferable is the fact that it also comes with regular support and updates that come from Microsoft to help keep it running smoothly.

When it comes to choosing an operating system that your site will be hosted on, as a website owner, you have would have to consider what your needs and requirements are when it comes to your website along with the technologies that will be used.

If your scripts are being written in ASP or the more advanced ASP.NET, then using Windows to host your website would be the right choice. In cases where you also require integration with Microsoft SQL databases, Access databases, and other specific Microsoft tools then Microsoft Windows would also be the correct option.

The latest version of Windows is becoming increasingly popular because of its reliability and stability, however, it is still crucial to analyse your website to understand what type you have and what you want to achieve before making a decision on what UNIX, Linux or Windows hosting you require.

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