Visualize Your Friends Location on Google Map Using A Simple App

By | 31st October 2016

Google Maps is one of the fascinating places to be and if you are told that you can visualize the location of your friends on Google Maps, how would you react?

Probably in amusement and excitement and that’s why we are going to show you a simple trick that will enable you to visualize the location of all your friends or family into the Google map.

This simple script is available through the Google chrome web store. With the add-on, you can create the visual effect in no time. On the other hand, if you are not interested in downloading an add-on, you can just go to this link to create the visual map. The link is a web app, “Map My Contacts” for easy accessibility for non-chrome users or anyone who is not interested in installing the chrome add-on.

Link to Create the Visual Map

Download Google Chrome Add-on.


How the App/Script/Add-on Works?

The app works in a simple way; it extracts all the address locations from the Google Contacts. Upon retrieval, the app goes through all the contacts available within the Google Contacts. This can take few minutes  to complete, depending upon the size of your contact list.

Once the retrieval is completed, the app uses the Geo-coding service available within the Google Maps to make it into a visual awesomeness!

For rendering purposes, the app generates a simple HTML file. For all the techies out there, the file can be used elsewhere and shared with the friends easily!

To make it work with the Google Earth, the app generates a simple KML file which is easily recognized by the Google Earth platform.

This means that you can easily setup the Google Earth to view your friends and family location!

Pretty Impressive indeed!

What if I do not have any contacts in the Google Contacts?

Many of us doesn’t use the Google Contacts and that’s understood. We use different platforms for contacts management, and that can make the things a little complicated.

To make sure that you can visualize your friends location using this simple app.

1. Export all contacts using the CSV format. The file extracted will be of .CSV format.

2. Now, import the file into the app with the help of the simple interface.

3. And, run the app again!

The locations are put onto the map using the longitudes and latitudes values from the address present in the Google contacts.

If you are interested in the source code, you can check it here.

Wrap Up

Using technology to enhance our life is always a welcome gesture. This simple app can really make you wonder your global reach. Furthermore, you can always recreate the map when new contacts are updated into your Google Contacts.

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