Web design tutorial: How to design Website in Photoshop

By | 18th September 2017
Web design tutorial: How to design Website in Photoshop

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Web design tutorial: How to design a website in photoshop – In this video tutorial I show you How to design Website in Photoshop in easy to follow steps. You will learn photoshop shortcuts and tips to build a web page design in Photoshop CC.

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20 thoughts on “Web design tutorial: How to design Website in Photoshop

  1. Laika Miracle

    How can I code this graphic design webpage with dreamweaver or any other software?

  2. Ck Vk

    so you just totally skipped the color part. How did the color get on the template from the palette.

  3. Lile Zuka

    Hello Mak, i can't find the photos.. Can you show me the link where to go? Please

  4. 247newsflash

    Yoe mentioned that once we have subscribed t????.tv we will have access to all the files you mentioned.

    the part i dont understand is the subscribe to creative???. tv. kindly explain if its a website or a youtube channel. i really need access to these files you mentioned.

  5. Gajtan Brus

    Great video, thank You! Very helpful. But I have problem with settings, 'cause, when hold down ALT, click and drag, I can get only one copy of that recktangle, not 3 and one bigger, and I dont have that purple navigation lines at 1:29 , 3:28

  6. gopinathan m

    if we prepared this photoshop design … how can we convert this for website. again shall we do in dreamweaver?

  7. Rupesh Vaingankar

    Thanks alot .. it was vry useful n nicely explained tutorial .. lov it .. 🙂

  8. khalil rashow

    Very nice tutorial. I subscribed into your website to download files but I couldn't unforetunately.


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