Whatsapp tricks : Now you can recover deleted message on whatsapp

By | 2nd January 2018
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Now you can read all the deleted messages || Whatsapp tricks ||

Whatsapp tricks : Nowadays social media is a part of life and in social media you think whats app is much secure then other social media platforms, some time when we chat with others all the chat become a memory of our past and  by mistake if you have deleted all of your’s memory, is there any  option to recover your chats from whats app, don’t be so upset here i’ll tell you some Whatsapp tricks which may help you.

Read deleted messages on your whatsapp

When some one message you some text but suddenly he or she deleted the particular message and you see  “This message was deleted.”  You must be curious to know about that text. Now you’ll be able to read all such deleted messages

here is such apps by which you can recover those messages

                                                 Notification history

Whatsapp tricks


At first you’ll have to read all such deleted messages in these particular app,  this App will keep a record of every notification you get. However, to do that we’ll have to give it special access.

Whatsapp tricks



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