WhatsApp Tricks that EVERYONE should be using!

By | 1st August 2017
WhatsApp Tricks that EVERYONE should be using!

WhatsApp Tricks that EVERYONE should be using!

Whatsapp Tricks / Hacks in 2017 – Everyone should be trying these Whatsapp tips, tricks and hidden features on Android. This includes other Android Apps that improve Whatsapp

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DirectChat: https://goo.gl/L4dYwe

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  2. Rajiv Jadhav

    Great video. Not liking your new zoom transition effect which leaves me feeling dizzy n disoriented after seeing it more than 2 times if I'm binge watching your videos. Also, QQ: why don't you use Swype or glide typing? I've found that a faster way to type.


    wow! awesome video! been searching for a chat head interface like messenger for sometime now and you've showed just that..keep up the great vids ! πŸ™‚

  4. Pakistani league

    CAN i have the background music of your video? I just want to set it as my mobile ring tune

  5. Rahul Sharma

    plz send me the link or the background ringtone you use in your videos

  6. KING

    This dudes intro is soooooo dope love it love his content as well love the polish from the thumbnails to thale actual content props to you dude keep it up


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