WordPress Listable Theme Directory Website Completed Project

By | 9th September 2017
WordPress Listable Theme Directory Website Completed Project

WordPress Listable Theme Directory Website Completed Project

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This is a demo of the completed custom wordpress development for the site http://blapp.co using the listable wordpress theme.

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5 thoughts on “WordPress Listable Theme Directory Website Completed Project

  1. MeMeCNicole

    I just bought this theme, but I can't get photos to show up nicely on the cards. What sizing/scaling are you using?

  2. JayVision

    it doesnt edit like other themes ive used in the past. How do u add your logo on the top left
    . how do i edit the big words in the center? Sorry the editor doesnt make it easy… or it seems

  3. Eriko Smith

    Hi Chris, thanks for this video. One question, can you place ads on the site? I'm thinking my listings will be free, but money from ads would be nice. I'm looking for something that can do this, do you (or does anyone who's reading this) know? Thanks much!

  4. erdubya

    Nice video and I LOVE listable… but errr, you sure do have a lot of emails! LOL

  5. Maria De La Rocha

    Hey Chris, thanks for making this video. I am thinking about purchasing the listable theme; seems perfect for a directory for a small local niche and I was wondering if you have had any basic problems (like the search option doesn't work properly or something as equally important). I was watching another video about the huge problem of the engine themes directory (the search option is horrible) and am looking for other template options. Would you recommend this one? are you and the client happy so far? I'd be very grateful for your input, thanks in advance!


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