WordPress Security Tips – #3b Backups – Duplicator Plugin

By | 11th August 2017
WordPress Security Tips – #3b Backups – Duplicator Plugin

WordPress Security Tips – #3b Backups – Duplicator Plugin Click here for more free WordPress tips: http://wphow2s.com/ How to backup, clone, and migrate your WordPress website using the free WP plugin Duplicator.

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16 thoughts on “WordPress Security Tips – #3b Backups – Duplicator Plugin

  1. Kyle Castor

    Hi Mike,

    Great video super informative!

    Do you know why I get a 403 error when trying to access my domain (Reaching the index page)? I followed everything, but cannot run the installer.php, knowing there is no other files in the subdirectory…

    Any help is appreciated.


  2. dale gribble

    {"pass":1,"table_count":12,"table_rows":688,"query_errs":0} getting this error at the end of re installing, any ideas, the database is created and i can connect to it

  3. Buddy V

    Great video. I do have one question afer I upload the installer and the archive file. I go to my web site and I see the files I click on the installer but all I get is a blank screen. I've tried this in IE 11. chrome and Firefox.. Could you send me in the right direction please.

  4. Lauren McW

    Hi, Mike! This video has been extremely helpful, but I have one question. At 00:10:23 you suggest checking the box for Table Removal. Can you explain what this does and why you recommend it? Especially when setting up the clone in a brand new, empty subdomain. Thanks!

  5. Mike Simmons

    Hi Chris, thanks for your nice comment, much appreciated!

    I usually make the test site first on a subdomain–install WP and my theme, etc, then when finished/satisfied, clone it onto the main domain. If you are trying out new plugins for ex. on a test site, then if they are compatible and work like you want, then you would just install them on your main site…For pages, posts, etc. you would just have to copy the content of pages and paste it into your main site.

  6. Chris Lord

    Hi Mike, great video! One question; if your creating a clone of a wordpress site to use as a development site how do you then transfer the changes back to your main site? so if i created a load of new pages etc in the dev site how would I then transfer those changes over?

  7. Mike Simmons

    Hi Adam! Unfortunately, you can't use Duplicator on an existing WP install. Do you need to have your blog on your main domain? You can link to it via a custom menu link–so that you would have "blog" on your site navigation menu, and when clicked on, it could open in a new tab taking folks to your blog. 🙂

  8. Adam Spence

    Hi Mike! I am wanting to bring my blog subdomain and insert it on my main site as the primary Blog… how would I go about implementing this with Duplicator and not wiping out my main site?

  9. Kung-Fu Mojo

    Hi Mike! Thanks, you're right. You have to exclude the subdomains by entering the paths. I just successfully cloned my main domain. I was experimenting going from subdomain to subdomain, or subdomain to main domain. But when I tried to back up main domain, the package creator didn't work. It did not know how to exclude subdomains. But you're right, that's what we have to do.

  10. Mike Simmons

    Hey, you're welcome! When you say that it's good for subdomains but not your main site, are you talking about making a backup? I used tha example of a subdomain in this video as a good place to install your backup/clone to test it….

    You can't install the Duplicator package over the top of an existing site…and you can exclude files such as your subdomains–click on the little gear icon :0

    I need to make another, more in depth video using Duplicator…let me know if you have more questions.

  11. Kung-Fu Mojo

    Thanks for the vid Mike. I've played with this. It's good for subdomains, but I couldn't get it to work for my main domain. I'm not certain why it didn't work for me, but my guess is because when you're duplicating the main domain which is usually the public html folder, the duplicator doesn't know how to exclude all the subdomain folders that resides in it. If you too have multiple subdomains, an you try duplicating your main domain and tell me how it goes? Also, show us? Thanks!

  12. Mike Simmons

    Thanks Doug, glad you liked it. Hmm, not sure, what web host do you use?

  13. Douglas Landry

    Hi mike, great video.
    I have a question,
    My site don't have a cpanel page, just wondering where I go to put in a subdomain. I'm lost with that step, otherwise I believe I can get this done. with your instructions.

  14. Mike Simmons

    Hey Andy, I have always just left the "host" as localhost, never changed it, either with this plugin, or Backup Buddy…..I probably should have mentioned that in my video. 🙂


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