Working From Home As A YouTuber & Blogger! Tips & My Routine

By | 16th July 2017
Working From Home As A YouTuber & Blogger! Tips & My Routine

Working From Home As A YouTuber & Blogger! Tips & My Routine
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I’ve been working from home now for almost a year! Wanted to share my routine and some tips for anyone is is wanting to or already is working from home too! Hope you guys LIKE this video (hehe) and don’t forget to subscribe for new videos… all the time lol =)

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20 thoughts on “Working From Home As A YouTuber & Blogger! Tips & My Routine

  1. That's What "i" Said

    Thanks very much for this, Sarah. I'm a subscriber and am having issues with getting things done! This has been inspirational. (Do you have any vids on battling procrastination, motivation, and fear? haha… I definitely will be checking! I liked the idea you have here of the motivational note to self) – THANK YOU. 🙂

  2. Raquelle Mantra

    ohhhh this was so helpful… and i's a relief to know that you have a schedule, but life happens and it always changes.. but you have the framework. Also a relief that you forget about lunch! Ha! me too… when I "get in the zone" that happens. This was so helpful in so many ways. I haven't had to pause a video the first few seconds to try something new… so THANK YOU!

  3. Rose Moore

    Loved this video… but what on earth was that popping noise? I feel like it was an intentional sound effect, but it drove me bonkers!! lol

  4. vloggingwithcourt

    I work from home as well; your tips will help me SO much! I'm so glad I decided to subscribe to your channel! XO 🙂

  5. Danielle R

    Thanks for the video it makes me want to keep going to achieve my goals. I am a new blogger, and want to do it full time eventually. Do you ever have a day off? A day when you don't check e-mail, social media, or YouTube?

  6. pstvt

    I started my own blog and I'm so excited/nervious. I feel like it's not good enough but I'm working on itttt. I really hope I can improve along the way and would really appreciate if you could check it out. I need your opinions!
    My new blog is Really sorry if bothered anyone <3

  7. The Magic Crafter

    Really enjoyed this video! It was my first time watching one of your videos and I found it very inspirational (if that's the right word for it??? XD) I'm venturing off to work from home as well and can use all the help I can get at this point. Thanks for this one!!

  8. Girly Things by *e*

    Excellent tips! Thanks for the peek behind the curtain.

  9. Vivalastyle

    Thank you all the tips and tricks! I just started my blog and Youtube and I will be following your tips from top & bottom for sure <3. Of course, I subscribed :). Xoxo

  10. Naina Bhatnagar

    I'm so glad I found your channel it's so awesome watching your videos

  11. Sara Wright

    I don't plan to work from home because I love being in the salon working on clients; but wanted to see how you handle your channel. Love seeing tips from other people and you always have good ones!

  12. Janie Esquivel

    Great tips! I want to start blogging about makeup and baby's lol. All random. Thanks!


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