World’s biggest battery is ready to plant in South Australia

By | 30th December 2017
Tesla Inc. Powerpack Units At The Southern California Edison Mira Loma Substation


World’s biggest battery : Now south Australia will be fully charged up with new Elon Musk’s giant lithium -ion battery, which will be delivered with in the 60 days of after the announcement of contract  .

It will easily beat the promise that the $50 million battery would be “installed and working 100 days from contract signature or it is free.”

World's biggest battery


After the completion of this world’s  largest  lithium- ion battery, it will be a record to show that sustainable energy is still possible on the world and effective energy solution is also possible – TESLA SAID.

South Australia must be proud to say that they have world’s best renewable energy future, and hope this project provides a model for future deployments around the world.


It will be clear message for the world that south Australia will be a leader renewable energy with battery storage. you will be really shocked to know this battery can  has the ability to power 30,000 homes for more then one  hour during a blackout and it may be very useful in case of disaster. In other word you can say South Australia have its future backup plan.



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