Xiaomi Mi Band Fitness Tracker Review

By | 7th October 2016

Nowadays, everyone is conscious about his/her health. Everyone is tracking his fitness exercises with the help of smart bands, also know as Fitness tracker bands. These bands are known for tracking of your health and exercise data, so you know how much progress you are doing. One such amazing fitness tracker band is launched by Xiaominamed as Mi Band.

Mi Band is an amazing fitness tracker band which can track your fitness and exercise data and send it to the smartphone app where you can see it. Also It is a smart band which has some unique features other than fitness tracking. Xiaomi’s Mi Band launched in India on April 23

Let’s take a look at it.

Xiaomi Mi Band Fitness Tracker Review

Xiaomi Mi Band is able to track your whole fitness and exercise data. The Mi band has Bluetooth, so you can connect it to your smartphone which has Xiaomi Mi Band App installed. Once connected with smartphones, it’ll do all the work of tracking data like total calories burned, total distance covered, number of footsteps, etc.

Additionally, it comes with a sleep analysis feature which tells you details about your sleep pattern. This Fitness tracker tells you every detail about your sleep like number hours in deep sleep, sleep quality, time taken to fall asleep,etc.. Also, it has a smart vibration alarm, which forces you to wake up without any problem. This one is a wonderful feature.

Another use of the smart vibrator added in Mi Band is to inform you of incoming calls. This smart vibration system will start vibrating whenever an incoming call rings on your smartphone. It is very interesting feature from Xiaomi.


Xiaomi Mi Band is a wonderful fitness tracker which tracks every detail about your fitness, exercise and sleep quality. This awesome, smart fitness tracker is available for purchase on Chinese e-commerce website, GearBest. This site is known for best discount offers on every electronic gadget.
Xiaomi Mi Band is available for purchase on GearBest for just $15.99 by almost 65% discount. So, you have to hurry and grab this discount before it goes away!

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