YouTube TV is Google’s new live TV streaming service (CNET News)

By | 20th July 2017
YouTube TV is Google’s new live TV streaming service (CNET News)

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The video website reveals its forthcoming cable-like service that will include DVR, better recommendations and Google Home support.

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20 thoughts on “YouTube TV is Google’s new live TV streaming service (CNET News)

  1. Steve Milner

    still too freaking much $$$ for what they offer…its all a cash grab and down the road they will offer specialty channels and do the same all cable and Sat companies do… make you pick packs for more money,,,mark my words..they dont have me fooled

  2. leoric21

    SPECTRUM and Dish already stream TV, however with spectrum you have to be connected to your home wifi to get all the channels you subscribe to.

  3. mike morabito

    who the hell wants to watch TV on a little phone screen? like you said it's their main target!! not me

  4. loopba

    People don't have cable bc its worthless content, and you pay a lot and also watch garbage ads. The people have spoken and they hate TV 👍🏼

  5. DazzilingKing361 King Of Awesome

    does that mean people that don't make money. have to pay? like me???

  6. Avram Glazer

    Over in the UK
    Sky Sports is $50 a month for 5 channels
    The difference is unreal

  7. dessappy

    I will not get too excited because it will definitely not be available outside of US

  8. william foreman

    I think they're putting too many irons in the fire at this point Hulu is going to be offering something too that might be just a little bit better than this I think if you're setting the fence and kind of wondering which ones better I would wait another year or at least six months to see who's going to come out with what I assume everybody's going to try to one up everybody so Hulu might well offer more for less I personally feel that cable cost too much money I have an antenna that I watch a lot of free air television and I have high-speed Internet with Hulu and Netflix they're going to have to offer a lot to get me to change that and they're going to have to do it cheaply

  9. william foreman

    It's just OK at this point what I don't really care for is I have to pay so other people could watch sports I wouldn't walk across the floor for a damn ball game so I think I should be given the option to have a significant discount and not have the sports or trade the sports content for National Geographic or The history channel AMC TNT TBS something along those lines grown men do not need to watch other grown men in tight spandex type clothing wrestle each other down to the ground and squirm around all over on top of each other grown men should be drinking beer or martinis and watching college girls play beach volleyball

  10. Emerge Interactive

    Standalone app, targeted for mobile-first user experience. This is big!

  11. Lucan Sanchez

    Google should intergrate Internet phone service.
    And current gen game store when you make an appropriate laptop. to complement you're smart phone.


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